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Despite New Dates Eurobike 2018 Is Sold Out

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FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – Despite, or maybe thanks, to its new dates, this year’s Eurobike, is completely booked. Not at the end of August, but on Sunday July 8 this year’s Eurobike will start and run for three days including Tuesday, July 10, 2018. Over 1,400 exhibitors will take up the complete floor space of the Messe Friedrichshafen exhibition complex.

Despite New Dates Eurobike 2018 Is Sold Out
Over 1,400 exhibitors take up complete Messe Friedrichshafen exhibition complex at 27th Eurobike that starts Sunday, July 8. – Photo Eurobike

The 2018 Eurobike show welcomes some 100 new exhibitors who are either making their premiere appearance at this year’s edition of the leading bike industry trade show, or who are returning to the Eurobike stage after an absence. According to a Eurobike press release they are “Reaffirming the new concept for the trade show and are proof of the vigorous dynamism currently characterizing the bike market.”

E-bikes to dominate 2018 Eurobike show

Kona is one of the names returning to the show that takes place in the south of Germany at the border of Lakes Constance. The company from the American Northwest is bringing its new e-MTB line Remote, equipped with Bosch drives as well as with sturdy luggage racks. With that Kona is building an electric bridge between the MTB and traveler bikes.

Kona will certainly not be the only one presenting such cross-over e-bikes. In particular as it is expected that e-bikes will dominate the 2018 Eurobike show. Among the many e-bike and e-bike component exhibitors there will also be an bunch of newcomers. And among them not the least of companies. Like he newly founded E-bike provider TechniBike. The name of the brand may sound new, but the company behind it is well known to many consumers: TechniBike, is a subsidiary of the entertainment electronics manufacturer TechniSat Digital GmbH. Now the new bike range is now being presented to the industry community for the first time at the Eurobike.

Another example of an Eurobike newcomer which is backed by a prominent parent company is Streetscooter. This Aachen, Germany based company was taken over by Deutsche Post AG in 2014 and since then has been developing electric vehicles for logistic services in city centers. E-bikes targeting bike-sharing systems and cargo are also part of Streetscooter’s range.

Exhibitors that celebrate their Eurobike debut not only include manufacturers of bicycles and e-bikes; many produce P&A. One example is the young company Rubber Kinetics, which was recently able to secure a licensing agreement with one of the most renewed brands in the bike segment. The American startup is going to produce and sell Goodyear branded bike tyres.

Electrification trend brings new services

With the ever increasing retail prices of bikes thanks to the electrification trend, the relevance of financial and insurance service providers in the bike market is growing as well. Eurobike has with them also become a trade show that focuses on new bike-related services, especially in the West Foyer. One pioneer in this segment who is returning to the Eurobike stage this year after a few years’ absence is Wertgarantie AG, which, with its guarantee and theft insurance products for bikes, is one of the market leaders in this segment.

By the way, most of Eurobike’s new exhibitors come from Germany (24), followed by Taiwan (8), the United States (7) and France (6).

New Eurobike concept

“The bicycle market is changing very dynamically. On the one hand, the e-bike boom is generating record revenues for many market players, but is also causing considerable shifts in market structures. With the changed concept for the show and a clear focus on trade visitors and e-mobility topics, we are addressing these changes. The strong positive reception from established as well as new market players shows us that we are on the right track with this concept,” says Eurobike Head Stefan Reisinger.

The 27th Eurobike is open from Sunday, July 8 to Tuesday, July 10, 2018, from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. More at

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