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More E-Bike Exhibitors than Ever at China Cycle 2018

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SHANGHAI, China – It said that its floor space increased by about 25 percent this year. And that, despite the EU dumping case on e-bikes which could seriously harm the business of Chinese exporters, the number of e-bike exhibitors increased by some 80 percent! Next Sunday, on May 6 is the start of the China Cycle Show 2018.

More E-Bike Exhibitors than Ever at China Cycle 2018
With anti-dumping duties coming; what will be on display at this year’s China Cycle; European styled e-bikes or Chinese e-scooters? – Photo Bike Europe

The timing of this year’s China Cycle couldn’t be better as the European Commission announced its initial verdict on the anti-dumping compliant issued by the European Bicycle Manufacturers’ Association (EBMA) on e-bikes imported from China.

Special e-bike pavilion

What the implications are of anti-dumping measures on the China Cycle Show 2018 will be of particular interest. But what stands out already, even before the show has opened its doors, is that despite all current uncertainties the dumping case brings to the trade in and export of China made e-bikes, it doesn’t seems to affect the upcoming show in Shanghai. China Cycle 2018 even features this year a special e-bike pavilion. Next to that the total floor space of the show has been increased to 180,000m² while the number of booths stands at 7,500; a record high.

EU styled e-bikes or scooters

What also will be of particular interest is what will be on display at this year’s China Cycle. Are the country’s major makers like Aima, Tianjin Golden Wheel, Battle (Fushida) or Phoenix continuing their shift to mid and hi-end e-bikes? And will they, despite the coming anti-dumping measures, continue to display European styled e-bikes? Or will they now focus more on their domestic market that demands a completely different product as regular Chinese e-bikes look more like scooters.

Bike Europe is at China Cycle 2018; not only with an editorial team, but also with a booth. We are at booth F0617 and would be happy to meet you there.

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