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Speakers at Bike Europe’s Online Sales Conference

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FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – Main theme of this year’s Bike Europe Conference is: Behind the Scenes of Online Sales. It has everything to do with the inevitable presence of online shopping consumers. What’s needed to adjust to this market reality?

Speakers at Bike Europe’s Online Sales Conference
Next to keynotes on digitalization, uniform product coding and data mining, Bike Europe’s Conference agenda offers case study on e-commerce in the US. – Photo Bike Europe

Online sales are growing rapidly. No wonder so many companies are embracing the trend. However, incorporating this new distribution strategy doesn’t come easy. The focus shift from dealers to consumers comes with specific challenges. Most of all, it requires optimized product availability – to cater to the consumer demand for same-day delivery times measured in hours. It brings massive changes behind the scenes of the industry. These changes are addressed by the keynote speakers at the Bike Europe Conference taking place at Messe Friedrichshafen on 7 July, one day before Eurobike 2018 starts.

Keynote speakers

Siemens’ keynote speaker Christian Doerner will explain that digitalization brings ideas and processes together to form a unified digital enterprise. The company’s software makes it possible to produce faster; to produce more and to produce more customized products.

The 2nd keynote speaker at the 2018 Bike Europe Conference is Eric-Jan van der Berg of the Dutch industry association RAI Vereniging. He will address the topic of uniform product coding standards or Digital Cooperation Two-Wheeler Industry. This could serve as the basis of efficient digital operations. His presentation will delve deep into the benefits their uniform product coding for 180,000 products from over 40 suppliers; including all the big ones, is bringing in Holland and Belgium.

Another keynote on data and digitalization will come from Bidex which stands for Bike Data Exchange. Bidex is a German consortium aimed at for instance creating enhanced standards for data exchange in order to, for example, “Check online the availability of certain bicycle models in specialist shops. Even the bike manufacturer cannot say at which dealers the desired model in the wanted colour and frame size is available for interested consumers. With that many sales opportunities goes to waste.”

Europe versus the US

The three keynote presentations are followed by a ‘Practical Case Study’. It’s on e-commerce in the U.S. and what changes online sales brought in the U.S. These are topics that will be addressed by Scott Montgomery and Adrian Montgomery. What are the learnings of the online market in the US and what are the differences between both continents in online consumer behavior. At CrankTank consultancy both have been working with suppliers who are changing their marketing from the traditional-teams-shows-print ads-catalogs to a more modern, online, format.


The Bike Europe Conference on Online Sales takes place in Messe Friedrichshafen’s Room Schweiz at Conference Center West. The Conference starts on Saturday July 7 at 11.30 and ends at 16.00 with network drinks and finger foods. For more information and registration:

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