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Bike Europe Conference on Turning Data into Value

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FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – For over 100 industry peers Eurobike 2018 started early; yesterday already. They participated in the Bike Europe Conference that this year digged deep into “The Scenes Behind Online Sales.” Four speakers were lined-up to highlight the challenges that come with direct-to-consumers strategies.

Bike Europe Conference on Turning Data into Value
The July 7 Bike Europe Conference saw the European launch of uniform product coding. – Photo Peter Hummel

One of the four keynote presenters was from Siemens; Christian Dörner explained how Siemens software can digitalize the operating processes of almost any company, He said “Digitization is the holistic approach to integrating and digitalizing the entire value chain,” which he claimed to be vital as its means turning machines into data providers. With that they can be used to create Product Twins; virtual products that can be tested before going into series production. With that data is turned into value.

Launch of uniform product coding

The July 7 Bike Europe Conference also saw the European launch of uniform product coding. Dutch DST (Digital Cooperation Two-Wheeler Industry) explained the ins-and-outs of uniform product coding that has been developed for the Benelux, but which is now ready for more European markets.The DST presentation delved deep into the benefits of the uniform product coding for over 250,000 products from over 40 suppliers; including all the big ones, is bringing. For international use the uniform product coding will be ready for 550,000 products allowing for bar-coding and with that for automation of distribution processes on various levels in the multi-branded bike sector. DST’s uniform product coding is now in use at dealers in Holland and Belgium. They use these codes for their online presentations, cash register and shop systems.


Scott and Adrian Montgomery from CrankTank Business Intelligence painted the current picture of online sales in the US and draw parallels of trends that could also arrive in Europe. He in particular delved deep into what Amazon brought about in the US and advised European suppliers on how they could handle their business with this powerful online platform.

A comprehensive report on this year’s Bike Europe Conference will be in Bike Europe’s printed edition which will be online available end of August.

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