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Discussions on Eurobike’s 2019 Date Dominated on Show Floor

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FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – It seldom happens that as a journalist you do not even have to ask about a pressing issue, but that people start spontaneously about it. And for expressing their opinions (and worries) that they even pull you out the show floor aisles into their stands. That’s exactly what happened as this year’s Eurobike. All the people Bike Europe spoke to wanted to make it abundantly clear that the 2019 Eurobike date is not suitable.

Discussions on Eurobike’s 2019 Date Dominated on Show Floor
Many industry peers have preference for the original end of August, beginning of September schedule for Eurobike 2019. – Photo Eurobike

Even before this year’s 27th Eurobike show started organizer Messe Friedrichshafen announced the dates for next year. The 2019 Eurobike will take place from Wednesday, July 31, to Saturday, August 3. The first three trade days are followed by the reinstated consumer Festival day.

‘No clear consensus’

In a press release Messe Friedrichshafen said on the 2019 date “Based upon numerous discussions with retail and industry partners, the vote of the bike sector is very clear: there is a desire to return to including all bike fans in the Eurobike in the future. There is currently no clear consensus among the industry regarding the question of the ‘right’ date for the 2019 season, with preferences ranging from June to September.”

‘Flexible dates’

Furthermore, Eurobike manager Stefan Reisinger said “The date in early August 2019 is currently the time frame in which the largest number of dates preferred by the industry overlap, and the vote for a concept for the show that includes an appeal to consumers was very clear. In the future, we will continue to flexibly manage the date and concept for the Eurobike, so as to agilely respond to the needs of the marketplace.”

Lots of speculation

In particular the timing of the announcement of the 2019 dates as well as the expression “to agilely respond to the needs of the marketplace” gave reason to a lot of speculation. Especially in the sense that the Eurobike organization with the early announcement and with the addition that one can react flexibly to market wishes, indicated that another date could be possible. And probably this was the reason for many to spontaneously express their opinion to Bike Europe.


These opinions make unanimously clear to disagree with the July 31 to August 3, 2019 schedule. In particular because it is interfering with staff holidays, because of the lack on availability of hotel accommodation and because it is expected that even more premium brands will skip the show. “When that happens Eurobike’s attractiveness for dealers to attend will drop further. And as they are the ones we want to reach out to at the show, also for us it becomes questionable to participate.”

‘Crazy date’

Maybe the strongest opinion on the 2019 Eurobike date was expressed by Erhard Büchel, CEO of component maker Büchel & Co. Fahrzeugteilefabrik KG and President of the Confederation of the European Bicycle Industry (CONEBI). He and his company are a member of the German industry association Zweirad-Industrie-Verband (ZIV). He said that the ZIV as a stakeholder has been consulted by Messe Friedrichshafen on the 2019 date. “The position of the ZIV is to have the dates as they were in 2017; end of August, beginning September. And to have a 4-day Eurobike show, including one day for the general public,” explained Erhard Büchel. On the end of July 2019 date announced by Eurobike, he said, “Crazy date.”

By the way; many more of the industry peers Bike Europe spoke to at the yesterday closed 2018 Eurobike indicated to have a preference for the original end of August, beginning of September schedule.

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