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ZEG Founded Cargo Bike Company

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COLOGNE, Germany – Dealer cooperative ZEG founded an (e) cargo bike dedicated company to focus on this rapidly developing product category. “The A-N.T heavy-duty cargo bike for professional use is our answer to the challenges of tomorrow’s urban delivery traffic,” said ZEG MD Georg Honkomp.

ZEG Founded Cargo Bike Company
A-N.T. is the name of ZEG’s own cargo bike company. – Photo ZEG

For both private and commercial use the cargo bike is more and more seen as a practical alternative for inner-city delivery traffic. At the last week’s ZEG Bike Show, the dealer cooperative launched its newly developed A-N.T. heavy duty cargo bike. “In future A-N.T. will take care of all our cargo bike developments,” explained Honkomp. “The innovative concept we present here at the show includes many elements of a motorcycle construction.” Depending on the use, the cargo-bike comes in different configurations. The A-N.T. can carry a load of 100 kilograms in the front and 60 kilograms in the rear.

Frame building at Kettler

At the 4-day ZEG Bike Show some 110 exhibitors presented their latest innovations for MY 2019. Between Friday 20 July and Monday 23 July the more than 1,000 ZEG members from all over Europe attended the event. One of the innovations shown to the trade visitors was the aluminium frame construction by one of ZEG’s own companies; Kettler Alu Rad. This company was acquired by ZEG in 2016.

“I am very satisfied with the results of the show,” stated Georg Honkomp earlier this week after the show closed its doors. “E-bikes continue to enjoy a great popularity and for 2019 I expect that their market share will grow even further.”

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