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Taichung Bike Week Struggles with Competition

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TAICHUNG, Taiwan – The Taichung Bike Week is paying the price for the international trade show shuffle. After several years of double digit growth, the 2018 event which will take place from 26 – 28 September, is seeing a decrease in the number of exhibitors and participating hotels. The show organizer blames this year’s decline on the conflicting date with the Taipei International Cycle Show which takes place only five weeks later. Also the current situation on the global bicycle market is blamed.

Taichung Bike Week Struggles with Competition
Fewer hotels and fewer exhibitors at Taichung Bike Week this year. – Photo Bike Europe

The 2018 edition of the Taichung Bike Week will take place in the original three hotels, the Splendor, Tempus and Evergreen Laurel. The Lin hotel will no longer participate in the event. Taichung Bike Week 2018 also sees a drop in the number of exhibitors. The show organizer reports that compared to last year approximately 10 percent less booths have been booked.

No Ride-On

Next to the competition with Taipei Cycle Show, also Ride-On’s announcement last July that the 15 companies and brands had stopped their cooperation for the joint participation during the Taichung Bike Week is a big setback. Ride-On has been one of the drivers of Taichung Bike Week’s success in the past. For their MY2020 presentations several companies of the former Ride-On Group will exhibit the Tempus, Splendor or Evergreen hotel.

Two Taiwan shows in five weeks’ time

At Taichung Bike Week 2017, the timing of this year’s edition was already causing a lot of discussion on the show floor.

Especially because the visitor numbers lagged behind compared to previous years. Initially Taichung Bike Week was scheduled one week before the Taipei Cycle Show which is set for
31 October – 3 November. But once the dates for 2018 were published by Taichung Bike Week it was obvious that both exhibitors and international visitors would have to make a choice. International visitors immediately questioned the purpose of traveling to Taiwan twice in one month while exhibitors would be faced with the costs of two shows on such a short term.

Future Taichung Bike Week dates

All this raises questions on the future prospects for Taichung Bike Week? Last year Trek Bicycle announced to finalize it specifications in the Eurobike time-window early September. Sooner or later many North American brands will follow Trek’s decision. Now Eurobike has decided to move back to 4 – 7 September in 2019 what will be the best date for Taichung Bike Week? September is ruled out, but what is the purpose of organizing the event again in late October of even November like in the past?

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