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Paris Celebrated Return of Public Bike Show

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PARIS, France – France and Paris are again looking to have a successful publicly accessible bicycle and e-bike show. At least this can be concluded from the very first Salon Vélo-in-Paris that took place from March 8 to 10 and attracted some 8,000 visitors. Is this initiative final breathing new life in a bike show in France since the renowned “Mondial du Deux Roues” Show is concentrating on cars and motorcycles only?

Paris Celebrated Return of Public Bike Show
During the three show days Salon Vélo-in-Paris attracted some 8,000 visitors. - Photo Isabelle Leboeuf

Many in France no longer believed in the value of a bike show open to the public. For years, numerous organizers have been trying to set up a ‘Salon’, which was ultimately ignored by an uninformed and/or unmotivated public. The famous Mondial du Deux Roues held at the Porte de Versailles in Paris in autumn had indeed left a great void since it starting to focus on cars and motorcycles only. Since then, attempts for shows have been tried in Paris, in Lyon as well as in Nantes. They all ended in a flagrant failure. But with the new Salon Vélo-in-Paris things may well have changed.

From B-to-B to B-to-C

Boosted by the success of their B-to-B ProDays trade fair for bike professionals, Denis Briscadieu (among others President of Culture Vélo; the franchising company operating 71 outlets in France) and his team decided to turn to the general public with an event in spring. And their idea attracted lots of enthusiasts. Also from the industry as the Salon Vélo-in-Paris featured the major French brands like Peugeot, Gitane, Lapierre, Moustache and Matra. Also major international brands participated in the show with the presence of Trek, Giant, Orbea as well as Shimano. The parts maker saw the Salon Vélo-in-Paris as the launching platform for presenting its latest e-bike mid-motor generation. In total about 60 exhibitors joined the first Salon Vélo-in-Paris.


During the three show days some 8,000 visitors joined the event. A big part of them used the show to get to know electric bicycles. The show organizers counted that more than 2,000 e-bike test rides took place.

The 60 exhibitors that joined the first Salon Vélo-in-Paris have already confirmed that they want to take part in next year’s show. Organizer Denis Briscadieu commented on what his first event brought about with “It’s the first time that there’s a cycle show in  spring in France. It proved decisive to the success of the event. We do not believe in public shows in the fall fair anymore. In March, the brands can display the bikes that are in the stores. That’s bringing together consumers and trade.”

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