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Jeroen Snijders Blok: ‘Participating in World Cycling Forum Is Must for All Decision Makers’

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The biggest in the bike business like prominent e-bike maker Accell Group, will participate in the World Cycling Forum 2019. In particular as this 2-day International Conference is all about the industry’s future. That future will be dominated by sustainability issues and the fight against climate change in which cycling can play a vital role. Chair of the Bicycle Committee at the World Federation Sporting Goods Industry, Jeroen Snijders Blok, says about that role: “It will determine the future of our industry”.

Jeroen Snijders Blok: ‘Participating in World Cycling Forum Is Must for All Decision Makers’
WFSGI Bicycle Committee chairman, Jeroen Snijders Blok ‘World Cycling Forum features high-class presentations every decision maker must see and learn from’. – Photo WFSGI

“That’s why participating in the World Cycling Forum 2019 is a must for every decision maker”, continues Snijders Blok, who retired as a Board member of Accell Group at the end of last year. Because he continues his Board positions within organizations like WFSGI and the Confederation European Bicycle Industry (CONEBI), he is also closely involved in organizing the World Cycling Forum’s.On why he wants to stay involved in this International Conference that targets the top of the industry, he says “Because massive changes are coming that will have a major impact on the bicycle industry. But those changes will also bring huge opportunities, especially when it comes to e-bikes”.

Getting to a sustainable society

“The World Cycling Forum will be of great help to fully understand all consequences of the changes that come with getting to a sustainable society in the fight against climate change”, continues industry veteran Snijders Blok. “Those consequences will be explained by keynote speakers that are experts in their specific fields. And I can only say that the speakers’ line-up for the World Cycling Forum is impressive. Take the keynote speaker who opens the Forum, for example. He is THE world expert on future urban mobility. He advises ministries and industries around the world on the future of mobility. His presentation will point to new product categories that are connected to that future urban mobility; product categories like e-bikes”.

High-class presentations

“Another example of a top-class presentation I am looking forward to see, is the one of Fiona Bull. She is from the World Health Organization. Her keynote will explore two of the United Nations sustainable development goals (SDG) which are relevant for cycling namely SDG-3 (health & well-being) and SGD-11 (sustainable cities and transport). These are just two examples of more high-class presentations the 2019 World Cycling Forum features. I am looking forward to see and learn from them and of course I am also looking forward to see many business relations”.

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