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Eurobike Award 2019 Decided: 43 Prize Winning Innovations

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Eurobike Award 2019 Decided: 43 Prize Winning Innovations
Eurobike Award jury consisted of six acknowledged experts. – Photo Eurobike

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – The upcoming Eurobike Show, taking place from 4 to 6 September followed by the public Festival Day on 7 September, will put 43 Award winning innovative products in the spotlights. Of the just under 400 products that were submitted, the jury selected nine entries which stood out in particular and honoured these with the Eurobike Gold Award. All the award winners will be presented in the evening of the first day of the 2019 Eurobike Show in Foyer East.

This year the Eurobike Award jury consisted of six acknowledged experts who took great pains in selecting the 43 products that impressed them most. The variety of entries competing for the 15th Eurobike Awards again showed a broad range in complete (electric) bikes, in apparel and in bike components as well as accessories. Among the close to 400 submitted products 63 entries came from start-up companies.

Eurobike Award jury

Which products and concepts have what it takes to set a new trend? That was the question the Eurobike Award jury needed to answer during their 2-day meeting on 6 and 7 August. This year’s jury consisted of Bernd Eisenschmidt who is founder and MD of the Institute for Quality Assurance and Certified Bicycle Safety; Eugene Maslov, from Designworks which is a BMW subsidiary; Sam Humpeson, a UK bike mechanic and co-founder of a famous bike café in London; Eric Poscher Mika, sociologist, bike dealer and advisor of municipalities and manufacturers on Cargo bikes. Also jury members were two journalists; James McKnight and Andrea Reidl.

Jury process

The jury process consisted of two rounds during which the about 400 submitted products were scrutinized on aspects like design, degree of innovation, quality of finishing but also price versus performance and value added. From this selection, 43 winning products have been selected of which nine were honoured with the Gold Award. These nine impressed the jury in particular and have the ability to add something unique to the sector.

‘Powerful barometer’

“The Eurobike Award is a powerful barometer of innovation for the industry: it reveals the producers abilities to innovate, to come up with new ideas and sometimes even break down barriers. Eurobike, however, also sees this contest for the most convincing new developments as a motivating force. It’s a way of showing companies what may really be possible today or tomorrow. And this is something we are just a little bit proud of,” explains Eurobike Show Director Dirk Heidrich.

The presentation of all the Award winning products takes place on the evening of the first day of the show in Foyer East. Here all the winners can make a grand appearance. Located directly inside the show entrance the Award winners can immediately give the show visitors a view on all the industry’s trend-setters.

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