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Industry Leaders’ Breakfast on Future of Bicycle Market

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Industry Leaders’ Breakfast on Future of Bicycle Market
Share your market visions at the Industry Leaders’ Breakfast at Eurobike. – Photo ECF

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – The Industry Leaders’ Breakfast has become a traditional opening of the second day of Eurobike. Also, this year the industry organizations CIE, CONEBI, ECF and WFSGI invite company Presidents, Chief Executives, Founders and other strategic directors to discuss the future direction of the global cycling industries.

The future looks bright for the global cycling industry, with accelerating growth in e-bike sales leading the way. However, the Industry Leaders’ Breakfast organizers state that “growth also brings pressures which require the industry to be well organised and well structured. There is likely to be a big increase in competition too, not only within the industry.”

‘Cyclists sees as a target market’

“New forms of micro-mobility are looking at cyclists as a target market and there will be stress to maintain the supply of batteries or find skilled staff for production, distribution and maintenance of the new bike fleets. Digitalisation will be a game-changer for all industries with more demanding users and integrated supply chains, while sustainability will be essential for any forward-looking company.”

All these subjects form the work of the international associations which advocate for cycling in national and international policy. Cycling Industries Europe, World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industries, Confederation of the European Bicycle Industry and European Cyclists’ Federation are lobbying for cycling, providing platforms, networks and expertise for getting businesses fit for the future.

At the Leaders Breakfast the associations and their members invite all leaders to share their visions for the market and the critical initiatives for maintaining growth in the industries.

More Information

  • Date/location: Thursday 5th September, Berlin-Paris rooms, Foyer East, Messe Friedrichshafen
  • Breakfast available from 8.15. Presentations and networking until 10am.
  • Registration only at:
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