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Eurobike Transforms from Dealer to Industry Show (video)

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Eurobike Transforms from Dealer to Industry Show (video)
Eurobike 2019 attracted less dealers. But that didn’t affect the relevance of the Friedrichshafen show. Photo Bike Europe

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – Last week’s 28th Eurobike indicated that the world’s biggest bike show is transforming from a retailer/dealer show to a more industry – business focused fair. As this year even Accell Group with its German market leading brands like Haibike and Ghost did not exhibit in Friedrichshafen, Eurobike 2019 attracted less dealers. But that didn’t affect the relevance of the Friedrichshafen show as product and procurement managers turned up in big numbers.

After September 4, 5 and 6 the conclusion was clear. Fewer visitors in the form of dealers turned up but it does not mean that Eurobike loses its reputation as being the platform for the bicycle industry. The reason for this is simple but also remarkable. Because all major brands may have said goodbye to Eurobike; this does not apply to the staff of those brands. And especially for their marketing, product and procurement managers. Together with representatives of the smaller brands as well as wholesalers and distributors; that’s the audience that matters for exhibitors.

Future participation of the big brands?

This development is reason for the Eurobike organizers together with these major brands to consider how they can participate in the show. No, not in a way like in the past because those brands now have their own dealershows. But in a way that appreciates and recognizes their importance within the industry. This is now being discussed and is still very much in the planning phase, said Eurobike show manager Stefan Reisinger.

The reduced number of visiting dealers also led to another interesting development. This year’s show was easy to reach without having been stuck in traffic around the fairgrounds for hours. A sweet relief to all regular Eurobike visitors!

Supply chain topic discussed at Eurobike

Big bottleneck

Of course, Eurobike 2019 was mainly about e-bikes. It’s triggered by the rapidly rising demand that this year in Germany will stand at about 12 percent and will bring total sales for the whole of 2019 well beyond the one million mark; at 1.1 million units.

At the show predictions surfaced to where the e-bike market is heading for. According to the Confederation of the European Bicycle Industry – CONEBI that’s to a market of 7 million units by 2025. Some experts said at Eurobike that to be a moderate forecast. They expect that in the next five years the e-bike share in total bicycle sales will grow to 50 percent in Europe. Applying that to total sales of bicycles which stands at some 20 million units annually, results in a total market of some 10 million e-bikes. As 2018 e-bike sales is estimated to stand at 2.5 million units it indicates a quadrupling of the market to take place in the next five years. And by the way, it’s also predicted by CONEBI that 70 percent of that sales total will be made in the EU.

More in Bike Europe’s print edition; edition 6 – 2019 which will be available for online reading on October 3 and circulated October 4.

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