CloseTheGap, Dutch start-up with safe-in-style products

CloseTheGap, Dutch start-up with safe-in-style products

Mathijs Wagenaar, founder of CloseTheGap, has been riding bikes practically all his life. After his sports career, in an attempt to increase safety and mutual respect among cyclists, he came up with the idea of a bell that was so cool that people would actually like to have it. The HideMyBell concept was born. Mathijs’ industrial product design education came in handy when he printed the first prototypes in March 2015. All the in house engineered products are in line with the company mission: increasing safety and bike fun with innovative products.

CloseTheGap, Dutch start-up with safe-in-style products

Cyclist driven product development

To shorten the time from product idea to production CloseTheGap has set up its own R&D department. 3D modelling software and printing enable the company to create everything it needs in the development phase: from concept models to the first actual test models. After field testing and several rounds of comprehensive reviewing, CloseTheGap decides whether the new product meets its quality and design standards. Production, quality control and warehousing are situated in the Netherlands.

The hidden bell concept

Every proper city bike has a bell, but for a lot of sportive cyclists, it is a no-go. It looks stupid, ruins the aerodynamics and hey, the pros do not ring either! Sounds familiar? Then the HideMyBell is made for you. It integrates the bell discretely in a mount for your bike computer. CloseTheGap also integrated the option for an action cam or a front light with our accessory line. The complete HideMyBell family includes regular, mini, insider (off-road specific) fi-mount and Vision/Canyon specific model.
MSRP is €36,95.

Minimalistic mudguard

You know the backside of the minimalistic mud guard underneath the saddle shifting to the side easily or loosening completely? And how to install proper a rear light at (aero) seat posts? For CloseTheGap’s engineering team it was a challenge to design a new product. With CoverMyBack, the team developed the best cycling experience to keep you safe, in comfort and in style. MSRP is €22,95.

ErgoMyRide XC-M

Good ergonomics are the most important to every ride. When CloseTheGap tested the SPIRGRIPS® original inner bar grips, it loved the natural wrists position. For the ErgoMyRide, the company partnered up with the Italian company Skopre, exclusive global licence holder for SPIRGRIPS®. Thanks to perfect ergonomics, cyclists’ hands rest on the handlebars in a comfortable position. The grips also gives cyclists an improved aerodynamic position. MSRP is €49,95.

Waste container

HideMyWaste, a small container that fits every top tube. The Press & Store principle is so easy: just push your waste inside and it will stay there for the rest of your ride. And do not let the size of the container fool you: the capacity is huge. Developed in collaboration with Amstel Gold Race and Roompot-Charles Cycling Team. MSRP is €12,95.


CloseTheGap is official supplier for the UCI teams Roompot – Charles (NL), Parkhotel Valkenburg (NL) KMC-MTB team and CST Sandd Bafang (NL). We are no official supplier for Chris Froome, but pictures show he is using a HideMyBell during training. Rumour has it that his wife Michelle bought him a HideMyBell in late 2015. It makes us extremely happy and proud to see so many riders using our products. In this light, we already have more partners than we could ever dream of.

CloseTheGap is seeking distributors who love to ride and want to bring safe-in-style products to their country. Contact for more information. If you would like to have a meeting with us at Eurobike 2019 (Booth UO-309 ) do not hesitate to send your request at

This article was sponsored by CloseTheGap