Contec focusses on allowing dealers and distributors to flourish

Contec focusses on allowing dealers and distributors to flourish

The bike industry is achieving one record after another; there seems to be no end to the success. With a recently renewed, sharpened strategy, Contec, the exclusive parts and accessories brand of Hermann Hartje KG, is trying to make the increased popularity of bicycles for distributors and dealers extra successful.

Anyone who speaks to export manager Freddy Keisse knows that things are serious at Contec, which is growing rapidly in more than ten countries in north-western and central Europe. “We started looking for distributors at the last Eurobike Show in 2019 and managed to get new distributors on board even in the difficult 2020 season,” says Keisse.

“We are extremely confident that we offer a great package for distributors to benefit from the cycling surge. With the market shifting to e-bikes it’s opening up or growing new categories in every market; growing the number of consumers who use their bike as a mode of daily transportation or exploring new sportive adventures assisted by an e-bike motor.”

For every type of customer

Contec is broadening and deepening its product range to better meet the growing demand in all markets. Both small bike repair shops and large-scale cycling stores can benefit from this, whether they are primarily sport-oriented or more focused on bikes for everyday riding.

“We see that in some countries consumers have started to cycle to be active in a sportive way. In other places we see that commuting by bicycle has grown. The range of parts and accessories is focused on both segments. We are flexible and can serve any type of dealer: Different parts in economical bulk packaging for the workshop and a wide range of exclusive accessories for the aftermarket with unique packagings and presentation styles” says Keisse.

Market intelligence

“Contec knows very well what the trends are and what the market needs are in terms of accessories and parts. Now and in the near future. This is because we have our own office in Taipei. The people there are in close contact with the cycling industry and have an immense amount of market intelligence. We always receive valuable input on trends and new products and technologies at an early stage. This enables us to innovate,” explains Keisse.

For OEM and aftermarket

“In addition, we are in direct contact with the product managers of Hartje’s bicycle brands such as Victoria and Conway. Together with them we work on OEM projects. We develop these exclusive products for the initial assembly of bikes, but they also become available for the aftermarket. Our customers benefit from this. Because we produce for both, first assembly and then aftermarket, production numbers are higher and prices remain competitive."

"Moreover, it offers dealers who carry a brand like Victoria extra convenience if they stock spare parts from Contec. You can offer them separately, but also use them in case Victoria bikes come back for maintenance and repair. Our innovative DLUX bicycle light is a good example of this: the light is mounted on Hartje’s bike brands, but it is also available separately and - not unimportantly - it offers great performance at a competitive price point.”

Brand presentation

Experience shows that consumers can make a choice more easily with the help of the System”

The presentation method in stores is an important point of attention, especially when Contec is included in the range for the first time. To optimise presentation, Contec has developed its own flexible Shop in Shops Sytem.

"Experience shows that consumers can make a choice more easily with the help of the System because of its logical structure and layout. The store salesman spends much less time on advice and information. It’s an advantage in these exceptionally busy times. The Shop in Shops Sytem looks attractive and thus stimulates consumers to make spontaneous purchases. That gives sales a boost. The customer and sales representatives help with the layout; it is geared to the store's profile and the needs of the local market.”

Freddy Keisse: "We are extremely confident that we offer a great package for distributors to benefit from the cycling surge.

The System is not only interesting for consumers, but also for dealers. “It is a great sales tool that contributes to a good brand presentation on the store floor, and of course for a longer period of time. In this way, sales can grow a little further each time”, Keisse states. "We offer our distributors training courses that address how to use the Shop in Shops Sytem as effectively as possible and thus boost sales.”

For the coming years it’s our intention to stay market leader in our domestic markets and to grow our presence on the international scene; In Europe and of course also in other continents. In more countries we are looking for extra distributors. If you would like to know more about the specific conditions do not hesitate to contact us:

This article was sponsored by Contec.