'Hottest new belt drive bikes of 2021'

'Hottest new belt drive bikes of 2021'
SideTrack: Affordable Cruising

With six product lines, Gates Carbon Drive offers a belt drive system for every style of bike and every type of customer, from urban cruising to extreme adventure, e-bikes to electric powersports. Take a peek at the hottest new belt drive bicycles, e-bikes, and e-motos in this virtual trade show booth from Gates.

Gates Carbon Drive bikes are surging in popularity during the pandemic bike boom as more people ride bikes for healthy outdoor exercise, socially distant transportation, stress relief and fresh air. Normally, Gates would display the most innovative new bikes and electric two-wheelers in its trade show booths. “Because we can’t see you in person, we are happy to present a selection of the most exciting new belt drive models that highlight our expansive product line,” says Joe Menzel, General Manager, Gates Global Mobility.

SideTrack: Affordable cruising

Created for low-mileage cruisers and fun bikes, SideTrack is the newest and most affordable belt drive product from Gates Carbon Drive. With six belt lengths, a steel 22-tooth rear sprocket and four aluminium crankset options, SideTrack is beautifully paired with a three-speed Shimano Nexus internal hub on the Carmen and Cooper from Brilliant Bicycles.

It’s an incredibly durable system perfect for recreational riders”

“It’s an incredibly durable system perfect for recreational riders,” says Brilliant CEO Dave Weiner. “Our customers love it.”

CDN: The urban explorer

The 2021 Cube Hyde  is a fast and attractive urban lifestyle bike engineered for year-round city commuting. Its modern and low-maintenance drivetrain pairs Gates CDN system with an eight-speed Shimano internal hub. Designed for urban exploring and recreational riding, the CDN product line offers CenterTrack belts with Gates carbon tensile cord technology in six lengths, with five crankset styles in multiple sizes for clean, quiet and low-maintenance exploring.

CDC: Electric street smarts   

With a removable battery, slick styling, integrated lights, and an app that provides route guidance and automatic locking and unlocking, the 16.9 kg Cowboy 3 e-bike embodies the street-smart design and technological innovation that is transforming urban mobility. In addition to its CDX belt, the Cowboy 3 uses a CDC CenterTrack steel rear sprocket. The CDC line includes spider assemblies for lower torque e-bikes of 50Nm or less, with options for Bosch Active Line and Active Line Plus, and Shimano STEPS E6100 and E5000 motors. Saddle up, partner.

CDX: High performance

The E-Omnia T-Type from Bianchi is a touring and commuting e-bike whose sophisticated Italian styling make it the e-bike of choice for Formula 1 World Champion Nico Rosberg. It features Gates popular CDX High Performance system designed to perform cleanly and confidently under the harshest conditions. CDX is ideal for high-torque mid-motor e-bikes like the T-Type, as well as bikes and e-bikes for high-mileage touring, global trekking, off-road adventures, and hardcore city riding. CDX is the largest Gates Carbon Drive product line, with 18 belt lengths, a wide range of stainless rear sprockets for all the most popular internally geared hubs, front sprockets for Pinion gearboxes and many bike styles, plus crankset assemblies that provide a plug-in solution for OEs.

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CDX:EXP extreme adventure

With dual Bosch batteries, a powerful mid-drive motor with 85 Nm of torque, and CDX:EXP Expedition Sprockets, the Flyer Tandem is for adventurous couples who crave the outdoor lifestyle. CDX:EXP sprockets feature 25% more wear surface for long-haul durability and extreme adventure, with a large product line that includes rear sprockets for Rohloff hubs and nine-spline applications, and front sprockets for Pinion gearboxes.

Carbon Drive Moto: Muddy Fun

For those that also enjoy throttles over pedals, the Light Bee SUR-RON X highlights the exciting innovation that is transforming the rapidly growing electric dirt bike and powersports market. Equipped with debris-shedding Gates MudPort sprockets, the Light Bee offers riders instantaneous torque, a whisper quiet motor, and a fast-charging removable Panasonic lithium-ion battery. MudPort sprockets can be paired with the entire line of Gates motorcycle and scooter belts, including the newest Carbon Drive Moto X9 belt, which enable OE conversion from chain to belt drives for smoother power transfer, quieter operation, lighter weight and cleaner operation in mud, dirt, sand, and snow. Get muddy, buddy.

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