Leader Fox is planning to expand the number of dealers

Leader Fox is planning to expand the number of dealers

Leader Fox - founded in 1996 in České Budějovice, a town in the South Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic - the bicycle manufacturing company has come a long way from its humble beginnings and is currently one of the most sought-after producers and exporters of various bicycles and e-bikes models across Europe.

Over the years, the company's brand Leader Fox has built up an ever-growing customer base, so it was time to not only expand into new premises but also to invest in a more self-sufficient way of manufacturing. In 2012 a brand-new complex was built including a new store, offices, warehouse space, and a production hall.

Inside the production hall, so to speak, magic takes place. In addition to the assembly line, the company owns threading machines, three pairs of high technology automatic centring equipment, a powder coating line, and other specialized machinery necessary for the self-sufficient production process. As a result, the company produces 50.000 pieces of bicycles and e-bikes altogether annually.

Diverse collection

The diverse collection of bicycles and e-bikes is designed to suit different terrains and purposes. Mountain, cross, trekking, urban, folding, children's bikes, fat bikes, or gravel bikes are all available to meet your needs. The hottest new products are e-bikes with Panasonic motors!

Europe is considered the mecca of electrocyclic, and electric bicycles are currently dominating the European cycling market. Electric bikes can simplify life's daily routines on every level. Many people also use e-bikes as an easier commute to work. Particularly in larger cities, riding an e-bike is becoming an everyday trend with many benefits to its name.

Lowland countries

Leader Fox's largest customers are France, Germany, and the growing Benelux countries of the Netherlands and Belgium.

Lowland countries and electric bicycles are dare we say a match made in heaven. With the cycling infrastructure so well thought out, the possibilities of using an e-bike are endless. Leader Fox with its wide range of e-bikes models offers even more opportunities to go and explore your surroundings. There is an e-bike for every rider and type of ride, whether you are cruising, commuting, carrying kids, or hitting snowy trail track.

The goal is to provide a healthier and more fun experience for all our customers no matter what age or ability. Rediscover the joy of life on two wheels with us.

Leader Fox is planning to expand to the Benelux market to increase the number of dealers! So, take a look at the website and do not hesitate to contact Leader Fox company.

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