Academic research on how to make cycling safer

Academic research on how to make cycling safer
The survey on cycling safety is open until mid-January 2023.

ENSCHEDE, the Netherlands - "How can we make cycling safer? What about bicycles that could prevent accidents and detect dangerous situations? As part of his study on cycling safety Georgios Kapousizis, PhD student at the University of Twente, the Netherlands asks for your opinion on this topic.

Road safety for cyclists has become a pressing issue now cycling gets more popular in urban areas of which many still lack adequate infrastructure. The Smart Bike could be one of the features to help increase cyclist’s safety. You can give you opinion on this topic in the survey of the University of Twente, the Netherlands.

Smart connected bikes

“The aim of this PhD project is to evaluate the impacts of smart connected bikes on traffic safety and user’s acceptance level,” explains Georgios Kapousizis. “A smart connected bike is an e-bike embedded with various sensors, which is connected with urban infrastructure as well as with other vehicles through wireless technologies in order to increase cycling safety.”

Incorporate technologies

“The thesis for my study comprises four parts: first, technologies potentially incorporated on smart connected bikes affecting safety will be studied through a literature review analysis and through conducting meetings with groups of experts. Second, the user’s acceptance level of mockups of smart connected bikes will be investigated by conducting a survey in several European countries. Third, a traffic safety model will be created based on existing injury data across the Netherlands. Finally, in the fourth part, the traffic safety impacts of the smart connected bike prototypes will be examined through field trails.”

Georgios expects to conclude his PhD 2024. The survey is open until mid-January 2023.