SRAM's Advocacy Director Randy Neufeld retires

SRAM's Advocacy Director Randy Neufeld retires
Randy Neufeld, SRAM’s Director of Advocacy, will retire full-time in August. – Photo Green Lane Project

CHICAGO, USA - After 14 years of growing and leading SRAM's global advocacy efforts across non-profit cycling organizations, grassroots groups, and industry players, Randy Neufeld, SRAM's Director of Advocacy, will retire full-time in August. This was announced today by SRAM.

Randy Neufeld joined SRAM in 2009 after the $10 million SRAM Cycling Fund was established. The SCF distributed $2 million over five years to increase global cycling advocacy, growing relationships between non-profit cycling organizations and for-profit companies, and investing in mountain bike trails and safe city streets infrastructure.

European industry

Neufeld stayed on for another decade, expanding advocacy in the European Union. It was Randy Neufeld and the SRAM Cycling Fund that finally managed to group the European industry and convinced them of the importance to cooperate on a political level. Besides Neufeld deepened relationships with cycling organizations including IMBA, People for Bikes, League of American Cyclists, CIE, the European Cycling Federation, ZEF, and countless grassroots organizations.

“Randy is a lifelong supporter of cycling infrastructure, beginning with his work at the Chicago Bike Federation and Active Trans, and we are incredibly grateful for his dedication to SRAM and to making cycling better and more accessible for everyone,” said SRAM's founder and board chairman Stan Day.

Making connections

“I must thank SRAM, specifically Stan Day and Mike Mercuri, for the initial opportunity to join SRAM,” said Neufeld. “Making connections and elevating the importance of cycling funding and infrastructure is what I have spent my life doing, and it's been a wonderful ride.”

Promoted into the evolved role is Rob Cappucci, who joined SRAM in 2003 and has worked as an acquisition manager, team leader, and within the product management and continuous improvement teams. Cappucci plans to apply his broad understanding of the industry, including experience with customers, suppliers, and industry associations, to continue to build relationships across the global advocacy network.

“Rob has a strong understanding of our industry dynamics from both the business and rider sides and is well-suited to expand relationships with the global advocacy network,” said Neufeld. “As the industry continues to focus on 'growing the pie' of riders, our best tool is leveraging the strength of the major industry suppliers working together.”

Long-term SRAM employee Rob Cappucci will take over as the redefined Director of Advocacy and Industry Partnerships.

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