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Flyer/Biketec AG has appointed Christian Gissler as Sales Director France. – Photo Flyer

Flyer To Expand to France

HUTTWIL, Switzerland - Flyer/Biketec AG is expanding its presence in Europe and opening up the French market. The Swiss e-bike pioneer's premium...

‘Long delivery times last year, was one of the main reasons for Flyer’s difficult market position,’ said Biketec’s chairman of the board, Franz Studer. – Photo Peter Hummel

ZEG CEO Honkomp: 'Swiss Production is Basic Flyer Value'

HUTTWIL, Switzerland - The German retail cooperative ZEG took over all shares of e-bike manufacturer Biketec in Emmental from the majority...

Andreas Kessler leads Biketec already since April. - Photo Peter Hummel

Andreas Kessler Appointed New Flyer CEO

HUTTWIL, Switzerland - The Board of Directors of the Swiss e-bike manufacturer Biketec AG appointed Andreas Kessler as CEO on October 1. Kessler who...

「我們很高興此次荷蘭的收購,因為這將讓我們更加貼近我們最重要的出口市場。」Biketec 執行長Simon Lehmann說。-Photo Biketec

Flyer 製造商Biketec控制了比荷盧的分銷

瑞士,HUTTWILL- 和最近在奧地利與之前在其他國家所做的事一樣,瑞士電動自行車製造商Biketec AG (Flyer製造商)現在控制了其在比荷盧的分銷網絡;這些國家是其最重要的市場之一。Biketec已經接管了比荷盧進品商Amazing Wheels。

“We are delighted with the Dutch acquisition because it will bring us even closer to our most important export markets,” said Biketec CEO Simon Lehmann. – Photo Biketec

Flyer Producer Biketec Takes Control Over Distribution in Benelux

HUTTWILL, Switzerland - After doing the same in Austria recently and earlier in other countries Swiss e-bike manufacturer Biketec AG (maker of Flyer)...

Christian Müller’s coup; he changes from Stromer to Flyer. – Photo Peter Hummel

Management Changes at Leading Swiss E-Bike Makers

HUTWILL, Switzerland - Flyer producer Biketec has appointed Christian Müller as its new sales manager. Müller is the former CEO of Stromer and widely...

Kurt Schär remains shareholder of Biketec AG. - Photo Peter Hummel

Mr. Flyer' Kurt Schär Resigns from Biketec AG

HUTTWIL, Switzerland - Kurt Schär, former CEO and co-founder of Flyer's e-bike manufacturing company Biketec AG, kept his word after he handed over...

Last Monday and Tuesday the Germany industry congress Vivavelo took place in Berlin – Photo Susanne Brüsch

Vivavelo Congress in Berlin: Cities Need Bikes

BERLIN, Germany - On May 12 and 13, 2014, the two-day Vivavelo Congress of the German bicycle sector was held in Berlin for the third time. The...

BMC-patron Andy Rihs (r.) with Thomas Binggeli at the opening of the new Stromer plant last spring. – Photo Peter Hummel

BMC Group Undergoing Reorganization with New CEO

GRENCHEN, Switzerland - BMC Group (BMC, Bergamont and Stromer) gets again a new CEO. With the start of the new year Thomas Binggeli will be replaced...

Biketec's new CEO Simon Lehman. - Photo Biketec

New CEO and Majority Shareholder For Biketec

HUTTWIL, Switzerland - The Swiss E-bike manufacturer Biketec AG (maker of Flyer) continues its restructuring. Kurt Schär resigns as CEO and will be...