Real all about Ciclo-Fapril

The expansion at Ciclo Fapril is expected to be completed in April 2024 and fully operational within a year. – Photo Ciclo Fapril

Ciclo Fapril expands dedicated cargo bike frame factory

AGUEDA, Portugal - Ciclo Fapril is expanding its Alufap unit by another 12.000 square meters. Dedicated exclusively to the production of frames for...

Carbon Team CEO, Vital Almeida (right), showing the first frames made by Carbon Team to Minister of State, Pedro Siza Vieira (left), and mayor, Rui Miguel Pereira (middle). Photo Carbon Team

Carbon Team frame factory celebrates official inauguration

VOUZELA, Portugal - The high-tech carbon frame production facility of Carbon Team has been inaugurated by Portugal's Minister of State for Business...

Ciclo Fapril gained a lot of experience in fully robotized production. – Photo Ciclo Fapril

Portugal starts cargo bike frame and component production

AGUEDA, Portugal - To increase Portugal's autonomy, Ciclo Fapril developed a new project to start cargo bike frame and component production. As...

The Carbon Team factory has an annual capacity of 25,000 units. – Photos Carbon Team

Portuguese invest millions in carbon fiber frame factory

CAMPIA, Portugal - To serve the need for carbon fiber products in Europe a group of investors have founded 'Carbon Team' in Portugal. After the...

Investors in Triangle’s Cycling Equipments SA (from left) Vital Almeida (Ciclo Fapril), Armando Levi (Rodi) and João Miranda (Miranda). – Photos courtesy Wheelgiant

Triangle's Starts Robotized Alloy Frame Welding on Industrial Scale

EIXO, Portugal - It's busy at the production site of Triangle's in Portugal; the 1st company in Europe that is producing aluminium bicycle and e-bike...

為了推動Bike Value Portugal,ABIMOTA今年五月參觀了中國國際自行車展。-Photo ABIMOTA

葡萄牙產業協會 ABIMOTA 提出 Portugal Bike Value 的提議

葡萄牙,AGUEDA- 在越來越多的製造工廠設立後,它已初具雛形,現在也已正名。但並不是以葡萄牙自行車谷為名。葡萄牙產業協會 ABIMOTA 正式將其提議命名為「 Bike Value Portugal 」。

For promoting Bike Value Portugal ABIMOTA visited China Cycle show last May. – Photo ABIMOTA

Portuguese Industry Association ABIMOTA Presents Portugal Bike Value...

AGUEDA, Portugal - It's already taking shape with more and more production facilities being set-up and it is now also official. But not under the...

在歐洲第二間合金車架工廠的計畫也被調整到和汽車底盤製造一樣的技術-Photo Porsche


荷蘭,DOETINCHEM- 除了Triangles在萄葡牙製造鋁合金電動自行車車架的新工廠外,靠近歐洲主要市場還有第二座車架工廠正在成形。該工廠的計畫目前正在發展階段。

Plans for a 2nd alloy frame making facility in Europe are also tuned to how car chassis’ are being produced. – Photo Porsche

Plans for Establishing More Aluminium Frame Production in Europe

DOETINCHEM, The Netherlands - Next to the new Triangles factory for making aluminium e-bike frames in Portugal there is a second frame facility in...

For establishing its alloy frame facility in Portugal the company Triangles is working closely with a leading expert in the automotive industry for robotized aluminium welding. – Photo Bike Europe

Making Alloy Frames Like Car Chassis

AGUEDA, Portugal - The supply chain of the bicycle industry is about to change drastically. An alloy frame production project in Portugal introducing...