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僅開放商務觀眾進場的星期一,攤位及走道上的人群比一般貿易日更加忙碌。– Photo Bike Europe

義大利,VERONA- 四天來有超過500家參展商和逾5萬名消費者與商業觀眾蒞臨了首屆CosmoBike車展,證明展出非常成功。在展期9月11日到14日,Verona 儼然成為義大利自行車產業的繁華中心。

One of the eye catchers at the CosmoBike show in Verona, the Ducati Scrambler. – Photo Bike Europe

VERONA, Italy – It was one of the eye catchers at the CosmoBike show in Verona which took place from last Friday till Monday, the Ducati Scrambler....

VeronaFiere is preparing for the first edition of CosmoBike which will open its doors tomorrow. – Photo VeronaFiere

VERONA, Italy – The CosmoBike show premieres this weekend with more than 500 exhibitors from Italy, the Netherlands, United States, Germany, England,...

CosmoBike預計將於2015年9月11日到14日於Verona展覽中心舉行。-Photo CosmoBike

義大利,VERONA- 距離第一屆CosmoBike自行車展開幕還有三個月的時間,主辦單位說有400家企業已經選擇了這個車展來發表義大利2016年的創新產品。

The event last Friday should have given answers to the doubts of the 550 exhibitors: to exhibit or not at the Padua show this year? – Photo Padovafiere

PADUA, Italy - They call it the “War of the cycling shows”, a “Montagues and Capulets” story of the present days in Italy. One contender is in Verona...