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SGS’s braking performance test with machine method is a customised braking performance test facility designed for cargo bikes, to adopt the wider and longer dimension than a typical two-wheeled bicycle. – Photo SGS

Shifting gears: Europe's new standard for e-cargo bikes

GENEVA, Switzerland - E-cargobikes are becoming an increasingly common sight on our city streets. They offer a sensible and sustainable alternative...

E-bikes changing legal landscape 

E-bikes changing legal landscape

As market shares for e-bikes across Europe grow, so does the need for the correct regulatory framework to help this booming business thrive. This...

Eddie Eccleston: “It is our hope that having a voice through SBS will considerably contribute to both simplifying the standards and making them more effective”.

Industry veteran to give LEVA-EU more EU leverage

BRUSSELS, Belgium - LEVA-EU board member, Eddie Eccleston has been appointed to the Small Business Standards (SBS) organisation. In this position as...

The question whether a e-bike component can be reused or repaired will become more and more relevant. – Photo Bike Europe

New standard includes repair, reuse and upgrade of e-bike components

BRUSSELS, Belgium - The European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization CEN-CENELEC has published a new standard on the general methods for...

21 organizations and businesses are member of the European Platform for Electro-Mobility. – Photo Platform for Electro-Mobility

European Platform for Electro-Mobility Launched

BRUSSELS, Belgium - "The EU needs to speed up electrification and be the leader in clean transport." This was European Union's DG Move...

The ISO 4210 specifies safety and performance requirements for the design, assembly, and testing of bicycles. – Photo ISO

New ISO Standard for Bicycles Implemented

GENEVA, Switzerland - The International Organization for Standardization ISO published the new ISO 4210:2014 standard for bicycles. It has been...

China Bicycle Association Chairman Ma Zhongchao (left) and representative for the EU industry associations COLIBI/COLIPED, Moreno Fioravanti, shake hands on the start of discussions to get to harmonized safety standards for e-bikes on a worldwide scale. – Photo Bike Europe

EU and China Start Harmonizing E-Bike Standards

SHANGHAI, China - At the 24th China Cycle Show in Shanghai that closed its doors yesterday, talks started between the China Bicycle Association (CBA)...

Due to the various testing methods there is a lot of difference in test results.’ – Photo Bike Europe

ZEG Initiates E-Bike Dedicated Testing Standard

COLOGNE, Germany - ZEG, Europe's biggest dealer cooperative, wants to accomplish a cross-industry testing standard dedicated to e-bikes.

ETRA asked the European standardisation institute CEN to start the development of a European standard for vehicles like the Trikke. - Photo Trikke

CEN to Standardise Self-Balancing Vehicles

GAND, Belgium - The new Regulation on the type-approval of mopeds and motorcycles explicitly excludes self-balancing vehicles and vehicles without...

The new President of COLIPED Jan-Willem ten Dam (right) and Vice President Erhard Büchel (left). – Photo COLIPED

New President & Vice-President for COLIPED

BRUSSELS, Belgium - The members of the Association of the European Two-Wheeler Parts' & Accessories' Industry COLIPED unanimously elected Jan Willem...