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The first e-MTB fully with belt drive presented at Heisenberg launch. - Photo Susanne Brüsch

Grace Founders Launch New Brand Heisenberg

BIESENTAL, Germany - Last Saturday, July 11th, Grace founders Michael Hecken and Karl-Heinz Nicolai launched their new brand 'Heisenberg' in...

eMobility shop WingWheels offers a variety of pedelecs for rent as well as high-end bike parts and accessories. – Photo Susanne Brüsch

First eMobility Shop To Open In Berlin Mitte

BERLIN, Germany - The Berlin district Mitte has its first e-mobility shop. In this popular district where LOHAS and hipsters go lifestyle shopping,...

“Our revenue target of at least 120 million euro currently looks too ambitious,” said MIFA CEO Peter Wicht. - Photo MIFA

Less Turnover for MIFA Than Expected

SANGERHAUSEN, Germany - MIFA (Mitteldeutsche Fahrradwerke AG) no longer expects to achieve a revenue between 120 and 130 million euro as originally...

MIFA CEO Peter Wicht, “The clear improvement in our operating earnings shows that our ‘from volumes to margins’ strategy is bearing fruit.” - Photo MIFA

MIFA's Bike Sales Drops by 8%

SANGERHAUSEN, Germany - MIFA (Mitteldeutsche Fahrradwerke AG - listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange) saw it bicycle sales drop by 7.6% to 462,000...

Gates will introduce three new rear sprockets specifically made for use with Fallbrook’s NuVinci N360 Hub. – Photo Fallbrook

Gates Carbon Drive Partners with Fallbrook

CEDAR PARK, USA - To develop a range of new e-bike products, Fallbrook Technologies and Gates Carbon Drive announced a close technical cooperation.

儘管4月到6月幾個月罕見的寒冷天候,MIFA在銷售還是有所成長。– Photo MIFA

MIFA 2013前半年營收再創記錄

德國,SANGERHAUSEN- 儘管4月到6月幾個月罕見的寒冷天候,德國銷售量最大的自行車製造商MIFA在2013前半年,其綜合營收較去年同期成長了3.3%,為8260萬歐元。

MIFA ceo Peter Wicht, ‘As partners, Hero and MIFA can highly benefit from the respective other.’ - Photo MIFA

Synergies Drive Hero/MIFA Marriage

SANGERHAUSEN, Germany - Mitteldeutche Fahrradwerke, the German-listed maker of traditional and electric bicycles known as MIFA, announced this week...

MIFA冀望能提高其多元化融資結構,並增強其靈活性。 - Photo MIFA


德國,SANGERHAUSEN- Mitteldeutsche Fahrradwerke AG(簡稱MIFA)是一家德國股票上市的自行車製造商,在本週宣佈公司將利用債務資本市場尋求中期融資的機會。這家位於Sangerhausen的製造商融資需求的額度為2000萬到2500萬歐元。

MIFA is keen to diversify its financing structure and enhance flexibility. - Photo MIFA

MIFA Readying Corporate Bond

SANGERHAUSEN, Germany - Mitteldeutsche Fahrradwerke AG, the German-listed bicycle maker also known as MIFA, announced this week that it intends to...

自行車製造商MIFA想藉由策略性收購達到公司成長的目標 – Photo Jo Beckendorff


德國,SANGERAUSEN- 德國最大自行車製造商MIFA在上星期的股東大會上決定將2012年的盈餘投資於公司未來發展。