The China made Kinesis forks were specified on some 2008 and 2009 Globe models.

MORGAN HILL, USA – The latest recall of Specialized came last week when the company received its fourth report on breaking front forks. The recall...

Frame Makers Link Up with E-Bike Trend

Kinesis offered probably the best example from a number of frame makers that showed up at Taipei Cycle with their efforts to link up with the e-bike...




知名的前叉與車架生產商Kinesis實業有限公司,與義成自行車零件(崑山)有限公司(一般稱為A-One或Alico 崑山),簽訂戰略聯盟。Kinesis執行長鄭惠明(見圖)透過這種聯盟方式,其位於中國廣州經濟技術開發區的Kinesis實業有限公司,

Kinesis: One Piece Frame Parts

Frame specialist Kinesis showed the Taipei Cycle audience its plans to take its Super Plastic Forming Technology (SPF) a step further. SPF is carried...