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The Illuminox Vega. - Photo S-Sun

S-Sun Created Illuminox Vega Front and Siren Rear E-bike Light Set

The Siren E-bike carrier light has a flat and neat design, exuding European style. The very bright LED light pipe distributes light evenly and...

Mail us your news on bike electronics. - Photo Bike Europe

Mail Us Your Products News: Bike Electronics

AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands - Bike Europe's April 2014 edition will highlight latest developments in bike electronics.

Slash USB Rechargeable Safety Light

Slash USB Rechargeable Safety Light

Formed by geometric multi-surfaces, the Ilumenox Slash USB rechargeable light has a prism light conductor which increases the visibility angle to...

The cycle BOOM study will investigate the experiences of using E- bikes amongst the over 50s. – Photo Raleigh

Raleigh Participates In UK E-Bike Study

OXFORD, United Kingdom - Raleigh UK participates in a pioneering cycle study called BOOM being led by Oxford Brookes University on the impact of...

AnchorPoint能使用在標準的車把與頭柱 – Photo Biologic

BioLogic自行車車把固定系統專為iPhone Hard Case保護殼所設計

台灣,台北- 都市自行車用品專家BioLogic發表了AnchorPoint車把固定座,此全新固定系統專為BioLogic裝置外殼所設計。

Baltik Vairas CEO Dirk Zwick. He was COO of Pantherwerke AG from September 2011 to February 2013. – Photo Baltik Vairas

Pantherwerke Blames Baltik Vairas for Insolvency

LÖHNE, Germany - Yesterday, after Bike Europe published that Pantherwerke AG filed for insolvency we received the following official statement from...

The Dutch Accell companies, Sparta, Batavus, Koga and Juncker Bike Parts, are brought together in a new entity called Accell Netherlands BV. – Photo Bike Europe

Accell 'Rearranges' Dutch Companies

HEERENVEEN, The Netherlands - Last Thursday Bike Europe reported on a 'new reorganization round' within the Dutch companies of Accell Group NV. There...

At the top the new DP 16 display which is compatible with the AGT gear shifter. At the bottom the new battery, the 14.5Ah version with capacity of 415Wh. - Photo TranzX

TranzX's Hi-Power Motor and Battery Solutions

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany - TranzX Advancements' for Model Year 2014 include more than the LogiX CAN-Bus diagnostic technology and the M25 micro...

The Eclipse S18 features a hydroformed frame and a 3D-forged handle-post. - Photo Tern

Tern Unveils Eclipse S18

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Urban transport specialist Tern introduced the Eclipse S18 as the latest addition to its Eclipse lineup. "When you say 'folding...

Japan 2012: Market Goes Back to Normal

Japan 2012: Market Goes Back to Normal

TOKYO, Japan - "Back to normal" seems to be the mantra. The Tohoku earthquake on March 2011 the giant tsunami and the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe...