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The Pinion E-Drive System with its core Motor.Gearbox.Unit (MGU) will be presented to the public for the first time at Eurobike 2023. – Photos Pinion

Pinion unites motor and gearbox in new e-drive system

DENKENDORF, Germany - Gearbox specialist Pinion has developed a new product bringing together the motor and gearshift in one unit. "The Pinion MGU is...

Pinion is the next in line take-over by an industry outsider. – Photo Pinion

Pinion acquired by Canadian Bombardier Recreational Products

DENKENDORF, Germany - Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) is the new majority shareholder of Pinion, alongside the Pinion founders, managing...

Pinion and Stromer partner in the next generation shifting. – Photo Pinion

Pinion and Stromer partner in new e-bike gearbox system

DENKENDORF, Germany - At Eurobike gearbox specialists Pinion will launch the next generation e-bike drive gearbox together with introduction partner...

The new T-Line gearbox has tested in heavy-duty cargo bike applications. - Photos Pinion

Pinion targets cargo-bike sector with new T-Line series

DENKENDORF, Germany - Gearbox manufacturer, Pinion has introduced the durable T-Line gearbox series for heavy-duty cargo bikes. With this new product...

‘Future market opportunities convinced me to join Pinion,’ says Thomas Raith. – Photo Pinion

Thomas Raith Joins Transmission Specialist Pinion

DENKENDORF, Germany - Thomas Raith has been appointed General Manager at Pinion GmbH alongside the two company founders Christoph Lermen and Michael...

‘We believe US cyclists want the same thing as Europeans, low-maintenance shifting technology.’ – Photos Pinion 

Pinion Partners with Gates for North American Market Introduction

DENKENDORF, Germany - Pinion officially launched its product in North America at last September's Interbike. "With this move we are responding to the...

Pinion’s new C-Line gearboxes are targeting upper medium class bikes that retail for about € 2,000. – Photo Pinion

Pinion Launches Gearboxes for Mid-Range Priced Bikes

DENKENDORF, Germany - German transmission specialist Pinion introduces a complete new line of gearboxes at Eurobike. Lightweight, compact and at a...

Gates會在2016年歐洲自行車展上展出長皮帶與專為Pinion和Rohloff設計的零組件等數種全新產品。-Photo Gates。

Gates 瞄準高數量城市自行車市場

美國,DENVER- 碳纖維皮帶製造商Gates瞄準了高數量歐洲城市自行車市場,推出針對Thun BB和最暢銷的變速花轂搭配的曲柄組總成。