除了運動自行車,正如瑞士信貸所表示:「電動自行車特別是在往高價位的市場趨勢上有所貢獻。」– Photo Bike Europe


瑞士,蘇黎世 -金融界裡著名的瑞士信貸集團,最近發表幾家自行車產業公司的經營報告。該報告指出,市場往高價位轉移,同時也正在擴張當中。

Last year the French IBDs increased their bicycle sales by 6% in turnover and have a market share of 50%. – Photo Bike Europe

French E-Bike Market Follows Upward Trend

PARIS, France - Like on other leading European markets, bicycle sales in France surged in volume and turnover last year. Also e-bike sales are up big...

It is expected that after Accell Netherland and Gazelle more European manufacturers and distributors will soon increase their model year prices or have already done so. – Photo Bike Europe

Accell Sets Standard for Euro Zone Price Increase

AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands - Accell Netherland's announcement late March to increase the price of bicycles by 5 percent was soon followed to the next...

London recently committed GBP 913 million (€ 1.3bn) to a major new cross-town segregated bike lane. Photo Bike Europe

Cycling Moves Up UK Funding's Ladder

LONDON, UK - The UK's Infrastructure Act 2015, recently became law, meaning future governments will be legally required to produce a national...

Exactly two years after the Intersport group in France acquired the ex-Micmo bike factory in Machecoul it is thriving again. – Photo Bike Europe

Intersport Machecoul Facility Booming in Bikes

MACHECOUL, France - Only two years after Intersport France acquired the Machecoul bike facility from Cycleurope and restarted the company as...

It is expected that next to Accell Group lots of other bike and P&A makers will also raise their prices. - Photo Bike Europe

Accell in the Netherlands Raises Retail Prices

HEERENVEEN, the Netherlands - Today Accell Nederland BV notifies its dealers that it is raising the recommended retail prices for the bicycles made...

That Bike Europe's earlier estimate on price increases is regarded as too high by various industry players is because it is not including raw material prices like aluminium for frames. – Photo Bike Europe

Taipei Cycle: Questions on Extent of Prices Increases

DOETINCHEM, the Netherlands - After Taipei Cycle 2015 the big question is how much prices for bikes and bike products will increase, or have...

TranzX's new M16 central motor is compatible with a coaster brake and different battery types. – Photo TranzX

TranzX Displays New Motors at Taipei Cycle Show

TAIPEI, Taiwan - The Taiwanese manufacturer of bicycle components and systems for e‐bikes TranzX presented two entry‐level motors at the Taipei...

Taipei Cycle 2015 Points to Big Price Hikes

Taipei Cycle 2015 Points to Big Price Hikes

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Price hikes and big ones are inevitable. That's the main message of Taipei Cycle 2015. After two show days and two still to come...

The N330 is the same type of sealed, maintenance-free hub as the N360, but the N330 has a slightly more limited (330%) ratio range. – Photo Fallbrook Technologies

NuVinci Launches Entry-Level N330 Hub for E-Bikes

TAIPEI, Taiwan - NuVinci Cycling is launching at Taipei Cycle an all-new, entry-level product line built around the N330, a new NuVinci Optimized...