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Frame flex research: the importance of propulsion efficiency in bicycle frame design

Frame flex research: the importance of propulsion efficiency in...

Leading folding bike manufacturer Dahon chairman Dr. David Hon has announced he has uncovered design flaws in various types of bicycles, including...

The new alloy is made by altering metal alloy at a nanoscale level and contains an amalgam of steel, aluminium, carbon, manganese, and nickel. – Photo Bike Europe

Frame Revolution with New Titanium Strong Steel Alloy?

POHANG, South Korea - Scientists at the Graduate Institute of Ferrous Technology (GIFT) at the Pohang University of Science and Technology in South...

Last week Giant has started dealer-introductions of its new collections in Europe. – Photo Giant

Giant Invests USD 50 Million in New Corporate HQ

TAICHUNG, Taiwan - At a recent shareholders' meeting, Giant has announced a USD 50 million (€ 37mn) plan to invest in a new corporate headquarter...

The new EMX-525, a name that evokes the 525 wins that Eddy Merckx notched up during his racing career, is the new showpiece of the 2013 collection. - Photo Eddy Merckx Cycles

Eddy Merckx Cycles Gets Subsidy for R&D

ZELLIK, Belgium - The Flemish government agency for Innovation by Science and Technology (IWT), grants Eddy Merckx Cycles a research fund of...

E-bike dealers can purchase their own battery condition tester -at reduced cost (less than euro 500) via their e-bike vendor- and thus improve their service to the end-user.

Battery Condition Test System for e-Bikes Launched

After consultation with major e-bike manufacturers in Europe and China, Dutch R&D company Engineering Spirit BV, announces the introduction of a new...




Breakthrough in e-Bike Battery Technology?

Breakthrough in e-Bike Battery Technology?

Can we expect an imminent breakthrough in battery technology and with that in cheap energy storage systems? It's not there yet; but something is...

EnergyBus Communication Protocol 1.0 Released

Ready for the future? Kach of Panasonic asked after presenting the first charger using the EnergyBus. This new standard for electric components of...

2nd Stage for Nangang with 22nd Taipei Cycle

2nd Stage for Nangang with 22nd Taipei Cycle

For the second time in its 22 years of history the 2009 Taipei Int’l Cycle is taking place at the brand new TWTC Nangang. This brand new...

Bike Europe Taipei Cycle Show

Comparing the old and the new venue of the Taipei Cycle Show

Taipei Cycle Show