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總裁兼執行長Peter Woods將旗下的娛樂部門的名稱從娛樂/休閒改為Dorel Sports,正全力以赴將焦點放在創新、改變其經營策略上。- Photo Dorel

美國,WILTON - Dorel Industries公司宣佈將旗下的娛樂部門的名稱從娛樂/休閒改為Dorel Sports。這家股票上市的公司正全力以赴將焦點放在創新、改變其經營策略上。

Eurobike’s fashion show in the East Foyer will show three times a day what cyclists will be wearing next season. – Photo Bike Europe

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – Very casual and yet highly fashionable. Anyone who rides a bike wants to do so in style. The Eurobike will present the...