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Steef Ploeger, General Manager of Tunturi Fitness will also move on to the newly founded Tunturi New Fitness BV. – Photo Jo Beckendorff

Accell Group Sells Tunturi Fitness Division

HEERENVEEN, the Netherlands - Accell Group has sold its Tunturi fitness activities to a group of private investors. These investors do not hold share...

Tunturi總經理 Steef Ploeger.


德國,慕尼黑- 就在昨天,全球主要運動用品展-2014慕尼黑Ispo展的開幕當天,Accell Group健身子公司Tunturi宣佈將停止第二品牌Bremshey的營運。

Tunturi GM Steef Ploeger.  – Photo Jo Beckendorff

Accell Continues Restructuring Fitness Division

MUNICH, Germany - Last Sunday, on the opening day of the world's leading sporting goods show, Ispo Munich 2014, Accell Group's fitness subsidiary...

In the first three months of the year Accell took over the Raleigh distributor in Finland as well as the XLC distributor in the UK. - Photo Bike Europe

Long Winter Doesn't Harm Accell in 1st Quarter

HEERENVEEN, The Netherlands - Despite the long winter in Europe Accell Group NV managed to increase its profit and revenue in the first quarter of...



上週六三月6日Tunturi-Hellberg整修萬塔倉庫告成,舉辦了盛大開幕儀式。P&A Tunturi-Hellberg和Antero Hellberg的經理,Raul Hellberg Oy 前任總經理 Hellberg Matti Virtanen (圖左)為其正式開幕。

Finland Served by One Tunturi-Hellberg Warehouse

Finland Served by One Tunturi-Hellberg Warehouse

Last Saturday March 6th Tunturi-Hellberg celebrated the grand opening of the completely renewed Vantaa warehouse. Matti Virtanen (left on photo),...

Accell Group Expands in Finland with Hellberg Take-Over

Accell Group NV announces that agreement has been reached on the acquisition of all shares in Raul Hellberg Oy and affiliated companies (Hellberg)....

<b>Finland 2005:</b> Hot Summer Rolled on Bikes

<b>Finland 2005:</b> Hot Summer Rolled on Bikes

MAARSSEN, Finland - The cold northern climate has always had a strong impact on bicycle sales in Finland. Mostly the reports have told how the rain...

Accell Dismantles Tunturi Oi

Title: Accell 将Tunturi Oi 生产线移往爱沙尼亚 企业缩减在工人工资较高的国家的产量是十分符合逻辑的行为,Accell同样选择了将Tunturi生产线移往爱沙尼亚。 Tunturi Oi是一家传统的芬兰公司,以健身器材闻名于世,但是鲜有人知她还有生产同一品牌的自行车。

Accell Group: 18% increase in Profit - But Tunturi Looses Production

HEERENVEEN, Netherlands - Accell Group N.V. realized a net profit of € 15.5 million over 2005 (2004: €13,2 million), which constitutes an 18%...