Pirelli and FIVE start unique cooperation

Pirelli and FIVE start unique cooperation

The Italian factory, FIVE, the maker of the finest Italian made electric bikes in Bologna, Italy is in cooperation with Pirelli's e-bike rental service in Milan, Italy.

Pirelli, the world renowned automotive tyre manufacturer has appointed FIVE Srl of Bologna, Italy as their manufacturer of Italian made electric bicycles. This cooperation will allow Pirelli to expand their e-bike rental business by buying these finely made Italian electric bikes made by the FIVE Srl, Italian e-mobility factory in Bologna.

Pedal-assisted trekking bike

Entirely from Bologna comes one of the top models of the e-bike fleet available to the CYCL-e clients, the innovative rental service conceived by Pirelli. FIVE (Fabbrica Italiana Veicoli Elettrici) Group has signed with its brand Italwin the new pedal-assisted trekking bike, which now will enrich the range of green solutions offered by the tyre manufacturing company.

Trail Ultra

The choice fell on the Italwin’s top trekking model Trail Ultra. This electric bike has an aluminium frame, cushioned front forks, disc brakes and the new FIVE F90 second-generation engine powered by a 504Wh battery, with a 90Nm torque. These are the main features that make the e-bike built for Pirelli the perfect companion to easily face bike paths, as well as the most challenging urban roadways.

Available for employees

It comes from the factory located in Bologna, a modern complex energetically self-sufficient and built under the ZEB (Zero Energy Building) model. All the bicycles have already been delivered and are now available as a new individual transport option for all the employees of the companies, which decide to rely on the CYCL-e rental e-bikes. The program provided by Pirelli comes with a subscription, that includes the exclusive use of a pedal-assisted electric bicycles to reach the workplace and for recreational use. Pirelli offers theft insurance assistance and dedicated parking stalls and a range of flexible options to their users of the program.

Culture of bicycle use

“We are extremely proud that Pirelli recognised the value of the Italian manufacture in our company", says FIVE CEO Fabio Giatti. "At the same time, we are glad to be part of such a unique and alternative project with our products, which also deserves credit for spreading the culture of bicycle use, sustainability and corporate welfare”.


Extensive network of dealers

Transportation by electric vehicles such as electric bicycles is a big help for reducing carbon and air pollution in our cities. It is also a lot of fun to ride an electric bike. The power assist of an electric motor makes longer and uphill climbs a breeze. FIVE Srl has an extensive network of dealers and bike shops who service the FIVE electric bikes to assure the e-bike users will have a safe ride. This is an extraordinary cooperation between Pirelli and FIVE to further make the local environment and world a better and greener place for all of us to live.

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