Gates upgrades Carbon Drive portfolio to support next generation e-bikes

Gates upgrades Carbon Drive portfolio to support next generation e-bikes
The new CDC belt and matching front sprocket. - Photo Gates

DENVER, US — Belt drive manufacturer, Gates Industrial Corporation has upgraded and expanded its Carbon Drive product portfolio for e-bikes and bicycles. With new and improved components across four key product lines, the company's next-generation belts and components are being introduced "to enable advances in bicycle drivetrain design and meet the growing global demand."

The company has made improvements across its ST, CDN, CDC and CDX product lines. “Bicycle – especially e-bike – demand is rising rapidly across the globe, and our latest innovations extend our coverage to an even wider range of applications. By adding all-new and significantly upgraded products to our Carbon Drive product lines, we’re enabling manufacturers to continue advancing and empowering cyclists of all kinds with clean, quiet, long-lasting belt drives,” says Tom Pitstick, chief marketing officer and senior vice president of strategic planning for Gates.

New line-up

Gates’ refreshed line-up of belt drive systems covers a wider variety of applications. An addition to the flagship CDX product line is a new CDX:BLACK sprocket line for high-torque applications, including the emerging field of geared mid-motor e-bikes and mid-gearbox bicycles. The sprocket line will feature a wide range of rear and front sprockets to accommodate a variety of interfaces, including Shimano Inter-5e, Enviolo, Kindernay, and Bafang hubs, as well as the Valeo geared mid-motor and Pinion gearbox.

Mid-drive e-bikes

A completely new belt designed specifically for mid-drive e-bikes has been introduced to the CDC product line. Featuring a new combination of highly engineered carbon-fiber tensile cord, high-stiffness ethylene elastomer materials, and nylon tooth fabric, the company says this “offers all the belt-drive benefits of cleaner, quieter and more convenient operation plus two to three times the life span of traditional chain drives.” This new belt line expands Gates application coverage and market opportunity in mid-market bicycle applications.

The CDN system has also welcomed an upgrade. The next-generation CDN belt features carbon-fiber tensile cords, a new ethylene elastomer (EE) compound, and Gates signature debris-shedding CenterTrack design for improved durability and wider operating temperature range versus the first generation belt.

The full MY23 product line up can be found here.