Buddy’s X1 carbon composite e-bike enters market

OSLO, Norway - Buddy Electric’s top-of-the-line, carbon composite e-bike, the Buddy X1 is ready to enter the market. One of the first to incorporate the injection-molding technology of German specialist V Frames, the X1 frame combines high performance with sustainable production techniques.
The CO2 footprint of the carbon composite X1 frame is 68% lower than the production of a conventional aluminium frame. – Photo Buddy Electric

“Thanks to our cooperation with V Frames, we will be able to manufacture our frames with the world’s most environment-friendly production technology,” Armin Schulze of Buddy Electric told Bike Europe last year. The Norwegian company has more than 20 years of experience with electric vehicles and puts a strong focus on sustainability and module-based solutions.

Low CO2 footprint

Manufactured in Germany with the carbon composite injection molding technology of V Frames, the environmental CO2 footprint of the X1 frame is lowered by 68% compared to the production of a conventional aluminium frame. The production time for one Buddy Electric frame is estimated to be 100 seconds in the fully automated process at the V Frames plant.

Recycled fibres from the automotive industry are used for the production of each new Buddy X1 frame, making it one of the world’s first fully recyclable carbon composite bike frames. The complete bike is assembled by Ebike Advanced in Germany.

The Buddy X1 can easily be adapted for various motor interfaces

Compatibility options

Designed in cooperation with Eker Design, the Buddy X1 can easily be adapted for various motor interfaces, and will be available with several motor and drivetrain configurations, and a setup for Gates Carbon belt drive, Rohloff or Kindernay internal gear hubs. In addition, a single speed drivetrain alternative will be offered in combination with the top-of the-range, 112Nm Sachs RS motor option.

The Buddy Bike X1 will be presented at Eurobike 2022 in Frankfurt and EVS35 in Norway.

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