Challenging times, yet 12Go Biking decides to stock up

Challenging times, yet 12Go Biking decides to stock up

Similar to numerous other players in the cycling industry, 12Go Biking is facing big challenges. Despite these challenges the company has decided this is the moment to stock up. An interview with CEO Pieter van den Berg.

For those who are unfamiliar with 12Go Biking, what defines the company?
Pieter van den Berg: “12Go Biking was founded in 2002 by me and a friend. We have achieved twenty years of uninterrupted growth, by strategically responding to the changing demands of consumers. The company has implemented a different approach to entrepreneurship compared to many other players in the industry. Many may claim that customer experience and customer satisfaction are important to them, but we live and breathe this.

“The Omni-channel approach is more than just having a large shop to accompany the website. It entails conducting business through a unique ‘3-S strategy’: The Store, Site and Service are all crucial cogs to make the wheel turn. The Service component is more than just a support mechanism to drive sales, but a key element for the perfect customer experience. The company works hard to establish a ‘fanbase’ consisting of loyal customers, who receive special benefits, while also being invited to exclusive events.

12Go Biking is now the largest bicycle store in the Benelux, with over 25,000 square meters of space in use. We sell almost all top-brands and regularly purchase large quantities of overstock from our suppliers.”

What has the impact of Covid-19 been on the business?
Pieter van den Berg: “Just like the industry as a whole, we experienced a period of large growth. Throughout this growth, the company never lost sight of its key values. Besides maintaining a good relationship with cycling enthusiasts, a strong relationship with the suppliers is equally valuable.

“We made sure that the growth did not exceed the levels to which it would have been unmanageable, and were rewarded with great customer satisfaction during the busiest times in the history of our company. This has lead to increased brand awareness among cyclists.

We were rewarded with great customer satisfaction during the busiest times in the history of our company. ”
— Pieter van den Berg

“We were already planning for “life after Covid” well before the market for bicycles imploded. Efforts to maintain certain levels of stock and preparations for tougher times were already made as early as the second quarter of 2022. Thanks to these efforts, our company is still very healthy and able to fulfil all of its obligations. It is not facing any overhauls or discharges of personnel, but is able to invest in its future.

You have decided that this is the time to stock up. Why?
Pieter van den Berg: “Yes, it’s true that we are purchasing a lot of extra stock from our suppliers, especially now, while the industry is facing tougher times in terms of revenues. We choose this approach, because we see our suppliers struggle with extreme overstock and little turnover. We believe we should support each other in the current market.

“An even bigger reason is that we as an industry should prevent stock from flowing to resellers outside of the cycling industry, as this would lead to an increase in competition from unprofessional resellers. Our product demands the utmost care and expertise. We are convinced our suppliers share that sentiment, though they might end up finding themselves with their backs against the wall.

“12Go Biking is in a financially strong position, decisive, and an important player on the consumer market. We therefore ask producers, wholesalers, brands and suppliers to offer their excess stock of bicycles, components and accessories to us, by emailing We are able to temporarily maintain higher than usual stock levels, if this prevents products from flowing over to resellers outside of the cycling industry. We are convinced that this is in our common interest for the market as a whole."

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