No glue and solvents: new eco-friendly urban saddle

No glue and solvents: new eco-friendly urban saddle

Selle Italia presents its new GT-1 saddle dedicated to urban mobility and commuting. A lightweight, comfortable and eco-friendly solution.

With the GT-1 saddle, Selle Italia revolutionises the urban cycling experience by introducing the first member of the GT family. Designed for urban commuters and those moving between home and work, the GT-1 boasts a shape engineered to ensure comfort on a variety of bikes, whether urban, electric, or traditional.

Consisting of three components – the rails, the shell and the padding, which includes the cover – the saddle incorporates the Lock-On System, an innovative mechanical trigger assembly system for shell and padding. This new production method is patented by Selle Italia and allows to eliminate the use of any kind of glue and solvents, normally used to facilitate the gluing process.

After molding the padding, it is mechanically "locked" to the shell through a rather delicate process that must be carried out within a fairly narrow range of time and temperatures, beyond which the attachment is no longer feasible. Once the shell is mechanically locked to the padding, which, thanks to the manufacturing process, does not require a covering like traditional saddles, the latter remains firmly in place, allowing for comfortable cycling.

One of the primary objectives Selle Italia set in the development of this new saddle and patenting the Lock-On System is the particular attention to reducing environmental impact. One of the most impactful aspects of the traditional saddle production process is the gluing phase. This involves gluing the padding to the shell and the outer covering to the padding itself. By eliminating gluing, there is a considerable reduction of potentially polluting materials use and a reduce of the environmental impact.

This saddle is the first of a new upcoming family.”

The GT-1 padding is made with EVA, Ethylene Vinyl Acetate: this is a well-known and widely used material in the production of padding in general, and bike saddles padding in particular. During the development phase, the company tested different types of EVA in order to choose the one that provided the required characteristics. The chosen EVA padding ensures the saddle is not only lightweight, but also soft and shock-absorbing, providing exceptional and durable support. The EVA material maintains excellent performance in terms of weight and resistance.

Additionally, the GT-1 is a wide saddle, and this too is an important comfort factor for urban cycling, but also for e-bikes: the saddle width is 250 millimetres. The comfort is further enhanced by the open shell design, offering relief from perineal pressure.
The saddle cover is fully enclosed.

Moreover, the saddle's appeal extends to its competitive price point, meeting the needs of both commuters and urban cyclists. This saddle is the first of a new upcoming family: the GT family will renew the Selle Italia’s range of urban and commuting saddles.

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