Among Peugeot Cycles' three new e-bikes, the Digital eBike is a futuristic-looking connected bike with belt drive and Shimano EP8 drive system. - Michel de Chavanon

Peugeot Cycles markets new range of connected e-bikes

PARIS, France -Peugeot Cycles presented a new range of e-bikes during the Pro Days in Paris earlier this year. The three models have been developed...

From left to right: Prakash Wakankar (CEO 2Wheeler Business M&M Ltd.) Costantino Sambuy (CEO PMTC) Jean-Philippe Imparato (CEO Peugeot). - Photo PSA Group

Peugeot Motocycle To Be Wholly Owned by Indian M&M Group

MANDEURE, France - Last Friday the French PSA Group (Peugeot - Citroen's automotive business) announced that Mahindra Two Wheelers Europe will...

MIFA owner and CEO Heinrich von Nathusius, ‘We will not take-over the complete Cycleurope bicycle production in France.’ – Photo Bike Europe

Cycleurope & MIFA Renew Cooperation with Peugeot Bike Production...

SANGERHAUSEN, Germany - Yesterday German newspaper 'Handelsblatt' reported that MIFA will start producing Peugeot bicycles for Cycleurope and that...

總部位於法國的Intersport Group收購前Micmo位於Machecoul自行車工廠之後,僅花了兩年的時間,這工廠又再度興盛了起來。– Photo Bike Europe

Intersport Machecoul工廠自行車生產數量大增

法國,MACHECOUL- 就在Intersport France從Cycleurope手中買下Machecoul自行車製造工廠並將該公司定位為「Manufacture Française du Cycle」(MFC)重新開始後,兩年過去了,該工廠自行車生產數量大幅增加。

Exactly two years after the Intersport group in France acquired the ex-Micmo bike factory in Machecoul it is thriving again. – Photo Bike Europe

Intersport Machecoul Facility Booming in Bikes

MACHECOUL, France - Only two years after Intersport France acquired the Machecoul bike facility from Cycleurope and restarted the company as...

Though Shimano has not yet received reports of incidents, the brake might fail when a rider uses these brakes with significant force. – Photo Shimano

Shimano Recalls Roller Brakes

OSAKA, Japan - Shimano found a potential safety issue involving the BR-IM45 and BR-IM55 roller brakes. These were sold to consumers after 15 January,...

Peugeot Motorcycle was early with ambitious e-scooter activities in the form of the e-Vivacity, pictured here. – Photo Peugeot Motocycle

Indian M&M To Take-Over Peugeot Scooter Business

MUMBAI, India - According to several Indian and French publications Indian car maker Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) intends to acquire a majority stake in...

"I am impressed by the e-bike production according to automotive standards", said Tony Grimaldi, Cycleurope's CEO at the annoucement of his company's cooperation with MIFA. - Photo Bike Europe

MIFA and Cycleurope Cooperate in Sales and R&D

SANGERHAUSEN, Germany - Stocklisted Mitteldeutsche Fahrradwerke AG (MIFA) and Cycleurope AB will start a close cooperation for the development and...

ZEG發言人在法蘭克福國際車展上說「當提到電動交通的概念時,自行車產業就比汽車產業走得比較前面。」– Photo IAA


德國,法蘭克福- 德國同時也是歐盟最大經銷商合作組織ZEG目前正在位於法蘭克福之世界最大汽車展IAA展出其2014年Bulls車系電動自行車。

“The bicycle industry is ahead of the automotive sector when it comes to e-mobility concepts”, says a ZEG spokesman at the International Automobile Show. – Photo IAA

ZEG Shows E-Bikes at IAA; World's Biggest Car Show

FRANKFURT, Germany - Germany's and Europe's biggest dealer cooperative ZEG is presenting its 2014 e-bike Bulls range at the largest automobile show...