Strider Bikes Seeks European Franchisees

Strider Bikes Seeks European Franchisees

Since the company's founding in 2007, Strider has become synonymous with the term 'balance bike' across North America and Asia. BMX, motocross, cycling, and motorcycle communities were early brand enthusiasts and helped the company reach over USD 20 million in annual sales by 2018.

Now, Strider is expanding to several additional European countries. Strider Europe BV, a subsidiary of Strider Sports International Inc will coordinate events, marketing and PR strategy throughout Europe from its base in Europe’s biking hub, the Netherlands.

Strider Products

Strider’s product offerings have grown alongside customer’s families. Children as young as 6 months old can start rocking on the Strider Baby Bundle, a balance bike with an attachable rocking base. For those graduating from balance bike to pedal bike, Strider designed the 14x Sport, a bike that converts from balance to pedal bike with a one-bolt installation of an optional pedal kit.

Strider continues producing their top selling 12-inch balance bike models in steel and aluminum, and the company turned heads in 2018 with the carbon fiber ST-R – a top-of-the-line toddler bike. The engineering and thoughtful design behind Strider’s products have set them apart as industry leaders in the balance bike community. Strider’s innovative products and playful branding have helped foster a fanatical following.


International racing and exploring events hosted by Strider Bikes have built a community of Strider riders and their families.

Strider Cup Races can reach up to 1,000 racers, some selling out of registrations in a matter of minutes. At these events, children wind over ramps, through tunnels, and sprint to the finish line on their Strider Bikes. Strider has also introduced non-competitive Strider Exploring events where children visit iconic locations. They can use Strider bikes to aid their mobility and independence.

Charity & Mission

From a garage start-up to being distributed across the globe, Strider’s mission has remained consistent. Inspiring kids to ride through its products, events, and education efforts. To help as many people experience an astonishing life on two wheels, Strider developed the Strider Rider Fund in 2014. The fund receives 1% of gross revenue and uses those funds to support riders with special needs and kindergarten PE programs, which help beginners develop a lifelong love of riding.

Strider Europe BV is seeking franchisees who love to ride and want to bring Strider Bikes to their country. Contact for more information.

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