Velo e-bike saddles increase comfort, functionality and performance

We know. We know. E-this, e-that, and e-something-else. It seems like every company and marketer is racing to slap an e-label on their products to move into the e-bike category, whether there is an actual consumer need, or related product innovation, or not.

In some cases, there is a surprising, or maybe not immediately visible need for a product to be adapted to meet the needs of an e-bike rider. Take saddles, for instance. Most riders, and especially enthusiast cyclists, have a preferred saddle type. Sometimes it’s a specific brand and model. Other times, maybe it’s more like a shape or an amount of padding, a width or a cover material, or some combination of these elements.

Favorite saddle

Intuitively, bike riding is bike riding, and pedaling is pedaling, and a favorite saddle type should transfer seamlessly from completely human powered cycling to e-biking. But Velo have found that not to be the case for a few simple but important reasons. Foremost, because e-bikes provide a power boost, e-bike riders spend more time pedaling seated; there’s less need for them to stand to generate power. And because riders don’t have to pedal as hard to achieve a given speed, they put less of their weight on the pedals and more onto the saddle.

Finally, e-bikes themselves are heavier, and place greater durability demands on saddles, as the saddle is used to lift or otherwise move the bike around for parking, storage, maintenance or transportation.

For riders, this means switching from a standard bicycle to an e-bicycle will often have them looking for a saddle that offers somewhat more support and comfort. And it means that they need a saddle that is up to the task of being a key lifting point for a heavier machine.

Needs through e-saddle line

Velo has addressed these needs through their e-saddle line, which incorporates three e-bike specific features into the designs.

First, the Reverse Arctech rail mounting system allows the entire saddle shell to conform to the rider’s weight and pedaling style, increasing comfort without requiring a significant increase in padding, and keeping saddle weight and bulk to a minimum while delivering the necessary performance.

Second, Velo e-bike saddles incorporate Atmos Shaping Technology, which enables the saddle cover to smoothly integrate with the shell, improving saddle durability. Finally, saddles with the i-Carry design incorporate a handle within the back of the saddle to more easily lift and guide the bike by the seat.

By paying attention to the details, and specifically, the needs of e-bike riders, Velo has leveraged the experience and capability developed through being the industry’s leading saddle manufacturer for the majority of their more than forty year history into creating a line of saddles that makes cycling more enjoyable, more comfortable, and more convenient while delivering increased performance. View the entire offering here:

This article was sponsored by Velo.