Velo enters new era with e-bike specific saddles and grips

Velo enters new era with e-bike specific saddles and grips

Since its beginning, Velo has been committed to meet changing customers' needs and to stay in the forefront of current trends. Velo has developed various e-bike specific saddles to meet the comfort expectations of both new and seasoned riders.

Wing-Bow-Velo-saddlesUnparalleled comfort with wing-bow design by Velo

E-City saddles feature a wing-bow design especially for e-bike riders. This wing-bow design utilizes a bow-shaped supporting structure positioned at the saddle base to reduce harsh road qualities and maximize comfort. Velo’s unique flexible shell helps to relieve pressure in a seated position and to rapidly adjust to a rider’s pedalling style at any cadence. E-City saddles will absorb the smallest of vibrations and also handle big hits from potholes and poor road surfaces.

Easy manoeverability with I-Carry

E-bikes are heavier than traditional bicycles due to the additional motor and other hardware. The bike's manoeverability can be challenging when stored in the garage or parked in a bike rack. The E-City saddle features a concealed ergonomic handle located underneath the shell for easier handling. In addition, the I-Carry is constructed with a reinforced saddle base. E-bikes weighing upwards of 45 kg can be lifted without putting additional stress on rest of the saddle.

Grips-VeloE-bike grips

E-bike specific grips feature Velo’s proven Microtech technology to increase positive and comfortable contact with the handlebar. Varied texture formations at key points on the grip allow secure contact in wet and humid conditions. Velo’s complete line of e-bike grips offers different pressure relief designs with multiple hand positions.


If you have particular design needs for custom saddles or grips, please feel free to contact us and learn what Velo has to offer. As a market leader with over 40 years of manufacturing experience we can make your concept a reality.

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