Back in town after holidays? Ride a Devron Europe's city or folding bike

Back in town after holidays? Ride a Devron Europe's city or folding bike

The French call it 'la Rentrée': the first week of September, when people come back to school or work after the summer holidays. Your thoughts are still with the sea, but you need to come back to your everyday routine and focus on your activities. It is a crucial point of the year for all of us and one must be prepared. How to deal with all of this? Well, maybe the best choice is a soft landing. The weather is warm and you can still enjoy some bike rides in the city before winter sets in. Devron Europe has specific bicycles for urban cyclists, designed to move around in the concrete jungle. There is a complete range of models for men, women and children.

For your urban rides you can choose between a traditional city bike or an e-bike. Devron Europe offers various models designed for everyday use and urban trips. If you like the vintage, traditional frame you can choose a Citadinne or a Cruiser by DHS. These bicycles have comfortable saddles and front and rear lights. There are also models specifically designed for children, fitted with additional wheels.

Devron-28426blackFor those who like to ride without much effort, Devron offers and wide range of e-bikes. For example the Devron 28426 and Devron 28427 with mid motor and integrated battery, or the Devron 28127, Devron 28126, Devron 28125, Devron 28124, Devron 28123, Devron 28122, that come with a front motor. Thay are all equipped with a 14Ah battery.

The collection is very wide and for sure includes the bike you prefer. But if you are a more adventurous type, you will certainly find something in Devron's MTB line up: Vulcan, Riddle or Zerga. After all, rules are made to be broken.

Folding bikes and folding e-bikes

There are many advantages of riding a folding bike in the city. First of all, they are light weight (some models weigh only 9.9 kg) and you can ride at high speed easily. Second, they can be folded to fit easily in the smallest car trunk and or carried on public transports. Among the Devron Europe folding bikes range, there are traditional models like the DHS 2095 and DHS 2092 that have 16 or 20-inch wheels.

Devron-20124_-blackThe Devron Electric brand by Devron Europe offers stylish and comfortable folding e-bikes too, such as the Devron 20124, Devron 20201, Devron 16201 with a downtube integrated battery and Shimano Tourney shifters and rear derailleur. The Devron 20122 folding e-bike has an integrated battery in the rear part of the frame. Devron E-bicycles come with 20 inch or 16 inch wheels and rear drive motor with battery from 8,7 to 8,8 Ah.

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