Connect & Go tracking system for e-bike manufacturers

Connect & Go tracking system for e-bike manufacturers

Tech company Tracefy brings a new GPS tracker and concept for e-bikes to the market. In a lead time of approximately ten weeks, bicycle manufacturers (OEM) can release a whole series of 'connected' e-bikes, including a handy free application in any corporate identity. Thanks to this invisibly built-in tracker, bicycles are always visible and secured with geofence.

The professional team of Tracefy takes care of the installation of the GPS tracker from A to Z. The GPS unit is invisibly built in. The Tracefy system is compatible with the more well-known e-bike systems and Tracefy provides the necessary connections for other systems. “The IoT box is built in,” says Jeroen van Kester, commercial director of the tech company. “It cannot be seen and therefore cannot simply be removed. We carefully examine in advance what the best place on the vehicle is for the tracker.”

Realtime visibility

Various sensors are used for the best possible GPS reception. Tracefy works with a 'plug & play’ can-bus connection and provides a handy application with which the end user can view the location of the bicycle realtime, but also the battery status and all route data. The app is free and can be developed in any desired corporate identity. Delivery in the App Store and Google Play Store is also included.

In addition to a GPS connection via the Tracefy-IoT unit, the tracker also provides a wireless connection with the vehicle's on-board computer. Errors can be read wirelessly and software can be updated. “For example, manufacturers can send a software update to all users without having to return the bikes to dealers.”

Switch to 4G

Tracefy's GPS system uses the 4G network. “Almost all GPS equipment currently works with the 2G network. That’s fine, but the expectation is that this network will be switched off within a few years. That is why it is important as a supplier to switch to 4G in time,” says Van Kester. “We are the first supplier in the bicycle industry to have already switched to 4G.”


Vehicles equipped with Connect & Go are secured with geofence, a virtual lock. The Tracefy app alerts a user if their vehicle is moved and they are not nearby. “If a vehicle appears to have been stolen, it can easily be recovered by an investigation service or the police. A lot of bicycle insurers already offer discount on a theft insurance if bicycles are equipped with the Tracefy GPS tracker.”

After the demo models equipped by Tracefy have been extensively tested and the app has been approved by the client, a whole commercial series can be equipped. “Installation is quite easy but nevertheless as a service Tracefy specialists travel to the production location to train the responsible employees in the assembly of the tracker in the relevant models. Tracefy's support team will remain the point of contact for any questions from clients and end users afterwards.”

Fleet management

Connect & Go is also a available for organisations that have a fleet of vehicles. “In addition to realtime locations of the vehicles, the Tracefy dashboard also gives them insight into how the fleet is being used optimally, how intensively the vehicles are used, g-force impact and when maintenance is required.” Tracefy can equip a mix of bicycles, scooters and also cars.

Bicycle brands can also use this platform to gain more insight into how customers use their bicycles. The bicycles sold generate data on a daily basis. “Valuable information about journey times, locations, distances, battery usage, etc. helps to focus on product improvement and development and provides guidance when setting up appropriate warranty programs.”

The Huyser app.

Customer contact with the customer app

With the customer app, a bicycle manufacturer can make contact with the end user and vice versa. Van Kester: “The possibilities are endless, for example automatic notifications for maintenance at a certain mileage, sending an invitation to rate the product and the possibility to inform customers about special offers and events with a link to, for example a website."

Total solution for a fixed price, including:

  • LTE (4G) IoT unit with can-bus connection
  • App in your own house style
  • Data platform and fleet management
  • Connectivity and recovery service for end users for one or two years

This article is sponsored by Tracefy