KMC Chain continues growth at new location

Being able to respond even better and faster to the needs of the rapidly growing market was the main goal of the relocation of KMC Chain Europe to Heerenveen in the Netherlands. At the new location, which is more than twice as large, the originally Taiwanese company has made significant efficiency improvements.

“The demand for our products has grown enormously, especially in times of Covid-19. As a result, we could no longer postpone moving to a larger building. Fortunately, a location in our immediate vicinity on the industrial estate met our requirements. This also made it easy to transition in phases and cause the least amount of disruption possible to the operational branch. We are now completely over and therefore future-proof,” says marketing manager, Sylvie Bakker of KMC Chain.

A location was available in the immediate vicinity that met the requirements.

New machinery

The chain giant also seized the opportunity of the relocation of its European headquarters to partly renew machines and better streamline its activities. The new location now includes a new cutting and packaging line with which KMC Chain cuts its chains to any desired length for every brand and OEM customer. Then they are automatically packed. This makes KMC Chain flexible when it comes to responding quickly to changing market needs.

In addition to bicycle chains, KMC Chain also produces chain rings and sprockets.

Quality products

KMC Chain offers a range of quality running products, including the DLC 10-, 11- and 12-speed chains. High construction and material requirements are set, especially for the narrower 12-speed chains. Another well-known product is the e101 EPT. This 1/2” X 1/8” bus chain, together with the precisely fitting sprockets, offers a lifespan of at least 10,000 km. The cargo chain, eCargo1, will also be available soon. With this chain, which is designed for large ballast, the company is targeting the fast-growing e-transport and cargo market.

We are now also adding the finishing touches to a new bike park

The demand for KMC Chain products has increased so much that the Taiwanese company decided not so long ago to produce more in Europe. This does not include bicycle chains – still the main part of KMC Chain – but chain rings and sprockets. “We are putting the finishing touches to a bike park behind our building. Here we test Taiwanese and European products, especially the combination of the two. After all, we want to continue to offer the best imaginable quality,” Bakker explains.


Delivering a good product is one thing, but just as important is an explanation so that manufacturers, distributors and retailers can get the most out of it. KMC Chain shares knowledge via the B2B platform where video tutorials, datasheets and information files can be found. All this simplifies the construction and use of KMC Chain products. “On the one hand, we naturally want maximum customer experiences. On the other hand, the transfer of knowledge also contributes to making it easier for our customers to recognise the original KMC Chain products. Unfortunately, there are still many counterfeit products in circulation,” says Bakker.

KMC Chain tests their products in order to offer the best imaginable quality.

Sustainable packaging

Finally, KMC Chain in Heerenveen is working on an even more sustainable character of the company. Some time ago, the company introduced the bulk pack containing 50 metres of chain (about 35 individual chains). That saves a lot of residual waste. Individually-packed chains are lubricated, making recycling the outer packaging difficult. For this reason, KMC Chain has chosen to limit the use of non-petroleum lubricants, including wax, in the near future. Bakker: “We recently joined Justdiggit, a non-profit initiative that is committed to combating climate change.”

This article is sponsored by KMC Chain.