How to decrease mobility expenditures?

How to decrease mobility expenditures?

Skyrocketing inflation, the war in Ukraine and the increasing prices of raw materials weigh heavily on consumers, wholesalers and manufacturers. Companies search for ways to save on their expenditures, yet do not always know where to start. As fuel prices are higher than ever before, this is an excellent moment for many people to switch to an electric bike. In urban environments, the popularity has increased, and the current state of the world will only feed this growth. Image and need are key when it comes to the popularity of electric bikes.

Market research

A small restaurant chain looking for a green way to transport their products, an office clerk looking for a quick and efficient commute; e-bikes are a suitable solution for many different consumer types. Researching the different customer profiles and establishing a fitting marketing approach for all profiles is expected to grow the popularity of e-bikes and lead to an increase in sales.

By investing in market research and identifying the overlapping needs of several customer profiles, major needs can be advertised on a large scale, whilst needs specifically for a certain customer profile can be addressed through smaller campaigns.

Focus on solutions for mobility expenditures

In the old days, families with young kids were almost destined to buy a car since it was difficult to travel with smaller children, even for shorter distances. Today, this is no longer an issue thanks to new accessories for bikes that enable parents to travel with several children.

E-bike provides ease and accessibility

Brands have started offering these accessories, as seen with the Stella ebike, as a standard part of some of their electric bikes. An e-bike allows consumers to effortlessly go to wherever they need to be. The focus has shifted from health to ease and accessibility.

When studying these e-bikes designed for parents, the differences in the frame and bike stand are quite noticeable. The e-bikes are designed with the hassle that parents face every day kept in mind, and this is later used to give the electric bike more meaning.

Key trends

The focus of consumers has increasingly moved to finding ways to spend less money, whilst still spending. Saving costs caused by fuel, insurance, maintenance, and parking by purchasing an electric bike has therefore been coming up more regularly.

E-bikes are extremely popular in cities where local governments are trying to ban cars from the city center. An electric bike is by far the most flexible and fast way for many consumers to travel in larger cities. In addition, the popularity and demand for sustainable products remains a key trend. By highlighting the financial benefits and reduced carbon footprint consumers make by using an e-bike, demand is only expected to increase.

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