ASI motor controllers return power to your brand 

ASI motor controllers return power to your brand 
New 2BTube controller by ASI

There’s been a dramatic and remarkable shift in who is riding e-bikes, what they’re using them for, and the ride-feel they want. The market nowadays is less about components, and more about the electrification systems that define your e-bike brand. And not all systems are equal.

As a full electrification design centre, Accelerated Systems Inc. (ASI) is the only firm in North America to offer the customisation expertise to develop proprietary, end-to-end electrification systems, built with ASI controllers. Controllers are the brains of all e-systems and solely responsible for ride-feel. ASI’s patented controllers have a track record of rapid, successful, and reliable adoption. To-date, over a million ASI controllers are powering e-bikes, across the globe.

“We believe that in a market that is becoming more and more congested, having a unique ride feel that defines your brand through a unique ride signature will enable your brand to set itself apart from companies using off the shelf and all in one systems,” says Janet Grodin, marketing and communications manager at ASI. “To make this pathway seamless we’ve created a Launch to Electrification Process (L2e).”

Phase 1: Discovery

“To get things started our Technical Team explores your e-mobility needs to determine product recommendations including specs and power requirements – low, mid, high, standard, or customised. We’ll develope your Custom Evaluation Kit and schedule a call to set up basic parameters, modifications, changes and controller tuning values to get your exact ride feel.”

Phase 2: Scope

“Our Program Management Team investigates deep dive details of your electrification system and how to design your system to set it apart from competitors. Options include special form customisations, controller shape, fit within e-mobility system, blue tooth compatibility, IoT and more. We execute internal gate-check on timeline and requirements and provide an initial cost estimate.”

Phase 3: Design & Development

“Next our Electrification Team designs and maps system hardware and software and creates a master tracking schedule. We fine-tune your customised ride signature, system features, and fit, form and function features including cables, box shape, lights, turn signals, controls, and more. When the design is ready to go, we develop an initial prototype at our Canada location.”

Phase 4: Performance integration

“The Applications Engineering Team now steps in to develop the parameter file and installs the finished controller into your e-mobility system. We’ll check and test the performance through a battery of real-world, test bed conditions. We fine tune, configure and provide a full evaluation report with real-time adjustments, ensuring component compatibility.”

Phase 5: Production & Launch

“Finally our Pre-production & Supply Chain Teams will conduct design validation, production validation, and final pre-production tests using our exclusive 3-phase testing protocols – PCBA level, Assembly level and Final test levels. Our teams will determine the final production schedule and post product verification document sign off. It’s then time to Initiate, monitor and track production including our rigorous quality control.”

Unique and customisable ride

For ASI, it all comes down to a ride that is uniquely your own. The BACDoor platform provides all the tools to make changes and adjust controller parameters remotely, quickly and on the fly, based on sophisticated algorithms. The open architecture system gives you access to a comprehensive suite of parameters.

This article is sponsored by Accelerated Systems Inc.