Leader 96: What awaits in 2023 

Leader 96: What awaits in 2023 
Leader 96 recently opened a new factory.

With dynamic global processes in place, innovation in e-mobility seems to be turning to optimized product solutions that can be more affordable for consumers. Leader 96 is stepping into the next level of bringing quality and full customer satisfaction for this year’s new e-bike models.

The anticipated opening of Leader 96’s new production facility was announced in February 2023. The modern factory for high-end e-bikes is being built on 25,000m2 of a total 47,000m2 area, with integrated eco-systems, and 300 employees. The innovative production lines are following a one-of-a-kind process organisation model, ensuring an agile and cost-effective workflow. With no operational stock and fully integrated quality assessment, it is friendly and highly progressive in terms of supporting the operators, leading to production capacity over 250,000 e-bikes per year.

All sub-assembly stations are gathered closely and operate on-time, following the Kanban model. From battery, handlebar and fenders to wheel assembly, operations are synchronized and self-assessed, and at the end of the line is a fully packaged e-bike, ready for dispatch.

Preparation for Eurobike 2023

On Eurobike 2023, Leader will be presenting an expanded collection of new models, which focus on stability, efficiency, and ride optimisation. The show is a unique opportunity, after the success of 2022 performance, to present the novelties in the company and the modern collection of e-bikes that its R&D specialists have developed. The city, trekking and folding e-bikes bring ease to urban life and make travelling across the city effortless. The offered models are designed by highly-skilled engineers and tested in internal laboratories.

The challenges are the same as everywhere else – the competitive market for a competent work force, supply chain problems, uncertainty related to inflation and other current global issues. Chances are there, things will get better in time, and in the meantime, producers are doing their best to live up to the expectations of the market and the customers, despite the difficulties.

Urban slim e-bikes

U-Slim and U-Slim X for men is about getting you smoothly to where you go, while allowing you to make the best use of your time in full comfort. The Ananda M99 rear motor 36V 250W is the newest development and the smallest size drive unit with a torque of 35Nm. The integrated Greenway battery NZ533 10Ah is with inbuilt controller box and outer TFT colour display, ensuring advanced power management and improved riding experience. The battery button is suitably placed on the upper tube, with integrated colour indication showing the capacity of the battery – red showing under 31%, and blue over 31% capacity.

U-Slim X is equipped with SunRace M91 external system with 9 speeds, which delivers excellent shift. The Gates Carbon Drive CDX belt system in U-Slim is simplified for convenience, delivering at the same time a powerful and reliable ride and high-performance, while the powerful hydraulic brakes are there to slow riders down on any steep terrain.

Both models are equipped with Vredestein tyres with extremely comfortable and low rolling resistance and optimal grip. The ultra-thick SR Essenza saddle can be adjusted to enhance overall pleasure of the journey. The equipment can be basic or standard, with rear rack, mudguards (plastic or aluminium), lights, and kickstand. Both models are equipped with smart app for maximum customer satisfaction of the ride.

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