BESV unveils new e-bike collection at Eurobike 2023

BESV unveils new e-bike collection at Eurobike 2023

BESV, an upcoming brand in the e-bike industry, is all set to make a good impression at the upcoming Eurobike 2023 in Frankfurt. The company's mission to constantly innovate, create quality products, and strive for the best design is known and appreciated by cycling enthusiasts all over the world. At Eurobike 2023, BESV is introducing a new collection of e-bikes.

The spotlight will be on the TRS and TRX urban models, which have received high praise and excellent reviews from leading German magazines. These models have been lauded for their superior design, performance, and durability. They are the result of BESV's commitment to creating e-bikes that are not just functional, but also visually pleasing and enjoyable to ride.

835Wh battery

One of the features to look forward to in the new collection is the introduction of the 835Wh battery. This battery promises to significantly extend the range of the e-bikes, allowing riders to travel further and longer on a single charge.

Eurobike 2023

BESV will be introducing their new bikes at Eurobike 2023: “It is the ideal place for us to show off our new collection of e-bikes”, states Chris Klokkers, marketing manager at BESV. “Visitors to the booth can experience the features of these innovative e-bikes. From seeing the designs to feeling the smooth operation of the motor. Plus, visitors will have the chance to take a test ride and see for themselves how BESV bikes perform.”

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