New one-stop solution for e-bike systems to provide a better riding experience

New one-stop solution for e-bike systems to provide a better riding experience

Magene has independently developed a new solution for e-bike systems, composed of a controller, display, torque sensor, radar sensor, electronic shifting and an app. All components are fully adapted and connected and can be displayed and set via the app. Upgrades, updates, and the maintenance of software and hardware products can also be completed via the app, to maintain the best riding status for an e-bike at any time.

Magene has always been committed to developing intelligent, interesting, and information-based cycling equipment, and has achieved marked results in professional cycling. Meanwhile, the company prioritises user needs, hoping to provide different solutions for power assistance with the help of its experience in professional cycling.

Core components

Looking at the core components in the new one-stop solution, the controller adopts a centralized outlet design and is equipped with waterproof cables as a standard for avoiding damage from water. Compared with the waterproof connectors with a diameter of 8 mm to 10 mm on the market, the 6 mm diameter connector of Magene is smaller and easier to plug in and out and the 35.5 mm length cables are much easier to hide in the bike frame. Moreover, this controller adopts the self-developed automatic assist and smooth assist algorithm, which ensures a smoother riding experience.

The DY series covers a variety of products with different configurations and functions, which are all built in a bluetooth module to connect APP to get more rich data and settings.

Torque sensor
The SR20 is a hollow bottom bracket & integrated digital bilateral torque sensor, which adopts digital signal transmission featuring low loss and fast speed and can ensure a signal delay of ≤ 10 ms and ±2% accuracy, compared with a delay of ≥ 20 ms and 5%-8% accuracy which uses analog signal transmission. Additionally, the integrated sensor is more time-saving and effort-saving than the solution of a square-hole bottom bracket, which can save 50% of man-hours.

The improved accuracy of SR20 can not only ensure a smoother and silky riding experience, but also effectively reduce energy consumption and extend battery life. In order to ensure the reliable performance of the product, the salt spray test of the SR20 bottom bracket can meet 168 hours, and also successfully passed the 1800N fatigue test of 150,000 times, far exceeding the industry test standard of 100,000 times.

Extension components

Electronic Shifting
Unlike the traditional e-bike system that uses mechanical finger shifting, Magene has for the first time included electronic shifting. The ED20 small-volume wire actuator solution can realize gear shifting via buttons, which can effectively reduce finger fatigue or pain, and is more accurate. Moreover, the handlebar is more concise by removing the mechanical shifting. The product is small in size, easier to install and hide, and the cycling experience can be upgraded without any bike modification.

Auto shift 1.0
Through the self-developed algorithm system, combined with the display, SR20 and ED20, the system will automatically switch to the appropriate flywheel according to the changes of the riding environment, such as the change of road surface, the increase/decrease of slope, the change of wind resistance, bike starting/stopping, etc., so that the rider can enjoy the ride in different scenes without manual operation.

Radar Sensor

To pursue safer riding, Magene has included the RL51 small-size radar sensor, which can help detect the speed and distance of approaching vehicles within 140 m behind in real-time. Working with displays the vehicles behind can be observed without looking back. The product is small in size and can be directly installed on the rear end of the seat.


All the components in the e-bike system are fully adapted and connected, and can be displayed and set via the app. Currently, Magene has planned different software for users and customization parties.

eBike Connect 
Via eBike Connect APP, users can set up the display buttons, adjust the value of the assist level, set automatic assist, smooth assist, and set up other functions, creating an exclusive vehicle that suits the rider's own needs.

eBike Factory
eBike Factory is developed for manufacturers. Through the App, the standard controller and other components can be set up and adjusted according the clients’ demand. The app can be used for storing configuration files in the cloud. It supports direct cloud importing during mass production, thereby simplifying the production process and improving production efficiency.

Better riding experience

In addition to the above product series, Magene is also developing a number of controllers, displays and other products, its after-sales management system is also being built to provide more accurate system fault detection. The company applies their successful experience in indoor and outdoor professional cycling such as trainers, power meters, bike computers, and radar taillights to e-bike system research and development.

Cooperating with Magene's self-developed intelligent assist algorithm and engineers' on-site one-to-one model adjustment, the riding experience of each model is different, which is more tailored to the riding experience of different users among different scenes, hence a better riding experience is obtained.

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