Taipei Cycle 2024 is just around the corner

Taipei Cycle 2024 is just around the corner

With only one week to go, 950 exhibitors are working hard towards Taipei Cycle 2024, which will feature industry leaders such as Look Cycle, SRAM, Continental and Factor. This year the show, displayed across 3,500 booths, will underline four key themes: Micro-mobility, Culture & lifestyle, Startup & innovation and Green action.

Taipei Cycle will collaborate this year with Anchor Asia (also known as Anchor Taiwan) to launch the inaugural Bike Venture Program at the intersection of mobility, technology and capital. This ambitious program aims to leverage Taiwan’s technological expertise and industry heritage, featuring the Bike Venture Summit, Pitch and Happy Hours with the 10 Bike Venture Startup Honourees ranging from electrification, disruptive business models to ESG solutions, and Bike Venture Innovation Salon.

Key speakers include the chairperson of Giant Group, the CEO of Yamaha Motor Ventures, the managing director of KMC Global, and the head of tech scouting at Pierer Innovation. Hundreds of startup professionals and tech investors are expected to bring in refreshing energy and important collaboration for the cycling industry, transforming Taipei Cycle from a trade show to an innovation hub for global stakeholders related to bicycles.

Taipei Cycle d&i awards illuminate bicycle industry's green evolution

The Taipei Cycle 2024 Gold Award, recognising outstanding achievements in cycle design, honoured the top seven submissions, including the Gold Award - Startup for the best newcomer and the Gold Award - Green Prize, highlighting exceptional green product development. These winners collectively showcase current industry trends. With nearly 150 submissions from 12 countries, the event signifies a resurgence in the bicycle industry, characterised by a strong focus on environmental sustainability. The abundance of electric bicycle development underscores consumer demands for enhanced sports experiences and increased efficiency, driving market evolution.

Taipei Cycle's green map: identifying exhibitors committed to sustainability

This year’s exhibition debuts the Green Map, which is divided into three routes: 'Green Manufacturing', 'Innovate Proudly', and 'Corporate Sustainability'. These routes highlight exhibitors who actively embody the spirit of sustainable product manufacturing, design, and business management. The Green Map features a total of 68 progressive companies, extending the promotion of green sustainability and aiding visitors in discovering relevant businesses.

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