Herrmans at Eurobike 2024: innovation meets eco-friendliness

Herrmans at Eurobike 2024: innovation meets eco-friendliness

Renowned for its commitment to sustainability and cutting-edge design, Finnish bicycle component producer Herrmans is about to solidify this reputation at Eurobike 2024. In an interview with R&D Director Joel Savikko, we delve into the company's sustainable initiatives and their exciting new products set to debut in Frankfurt.

Northern Finland is not typically known as a hub for the global bicycle industry. Nevertheless, a company based here has repeatedly managed to attract attention with its smartly designed products over the years. The company in question is Herrmans Bike Components from Jakobstad, a town approximately 500 kilometres north of the capital, Helsinki. The firm has been around for sixty years and has since become one of the world's leading producers of grips, lights, chain guards, reflectors and rim tapes.

"Our success is based on know-how regarding plastic technology and design of bicycle components. Sixty years of development and manufacturing, together with close teamwork with European bicycle manufacturers, ensure our company's competence, both for today's needs and future challenges," says Joel Savikko. He has worked within Herrmans R&D for more than ten years and currently serves as general manger for this department. A glance at the company's current activities clearly shows what he means.

Sustainability in focus

A notable example is the fierce commitment to sustainability. From pioneering the use of bio-based materials to incorporating recycled plastics, the Finnish company has long been at the forefront of sustainable development in the bicycle accessory industry. To this day, it remains one of the few names in the industry regularly publishing its own sustainability report. "We believe in using bio-based materials, because it guarantees that we don't rely on non-renewable sources like oil," says Savikko. "It's not easy to find raw materials that meet our high standards of quality and durability, but we are continuously working towards this goal."

It's not easy to find raw materials that meet our high standards, but we are continuously working towards this goal.”
— Joel Savikko

These are challenges that can be met with dedicated R&D efforts, which was proven just last year with the successful launch of the Nucore grip product family. Their inner core is made from a bio-composite using natural fibres and recycled polypropylene. This combination results in a lower CO2 footprint compared to regular materials. The outer layer, which is what you touch and see, consists of a hybrid material that combines bio-based TPE made from renewable resources, such as plant and vegetable crops, with regular TPE. "The Nucore grips are a good example of how we work at Herrmans," says Savikko. "Last year, we had a bio-content of 25 to 30 per cent. This year, we were able to increase it to 60 per cent. Our final goal, however, is not yet met, so we continue to develop the raw-materials in order to reach even higher contents of bio-based materials," he adds.

Several new products in 2025

This dedication to sustainability and advanced engineering is also apparent in the latest products to be presented at this year's Eurobike in Frankfurt (Hall 12.1, A06). One such product is the new Nordic Carrier Plus, which is the evolution of their popular H-Cargo rear light developed for carrier integration. "It's been designed with an entirely new modern industrial look, matching the Nordic front light series, and fits perfectly with the design trends we are seeing in the bicycle market today," the general manager, R&D explains, adding that the housing of the Nordic Carrier Plus is made of recycled plastic, "to bring the carbon footprint down," he emphasises.

The Nordic Carrier Plus is not the only new product being presented this year. The Nordic CL3 is the latest addition to the Nordic family of front lights. "The CL3 is made in Finland and features our current design language, aligning with the rest of the Nordic series to fit today’s bike trends," Savikko reports, also adding that the housing of the light is made from recycled plastic. Another new product is the Nordic Energy battery pack which is compatible with all e-bike front lights in the Nordic series. "With this simple solution, you can easily add a Herrmans e-bike front light to your bike, whether you have an e-bike or not," says Savikko.

At Eurobike 2024

As Eurobike approaches, the components producer is set to impress with its innovative products and unwavering commitment to sustainability. For cyclists and industry professionals alike, Herrmans’ offerings represent the future of bicycle accessories: stylish, safe, and sustainable. And they are a testament to the fact that in northern Finland, far from the hubs of the global bicycle industry, remarkable advancements are being made for the cycling world.

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