Tunisia's biggest bicycle producer ready to make the next step

Tunisia's biggest bicycle producer ready to make the next step
Habib Essayeh and Patrice Garandeau

Pandemic aftershocks, geopolitical tensions, and sustainability concerns are among the numerous reasons causing many bicycle companies to relocate their production closer to their core markets. One producer that has particularly benefited from this trend is the Tunisian company Euro-Cycles.

Situated directly on the Mediterranean Sea, the Tunisian city of Sousse has been a major trading hub in North Africa for centuries. As far back as Phoenician times, goods were shipped from here to the entire known world. Today, it remains one of the country’s key export centres. What few people know, however, is that Sousse is also the centre of the Tunisian bicycle industry.

More than 650,000 bicycles per year

Here, in the northern part of the city, located in an industrial area about 150 kilometres south of the capital Tunis, you'll find the largest bike factory in the country. “In fact, we are the largest bicycle factory in Africa,” says Habib Esseyah, CEO of Euro-Cycles, and together with Patrice Garandeau one of the founders of the Tunisian bicycle producer that has experienced impressive growth since its start in 1993. “Today, we export more than 450,000 bicycles and e-bikes per year to many European partners. With a strong focus on quality and supply flexibility, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner for clients seeking high-quality bicycles for distribution or manufacturing purposes,” he adds, mentioning that their total capacity is above 650,000 bicycles per year.

Mourad Ghazi
Mourad Ghazi

On a total of 40,000 m2, the Tunisian producer manufactures children’s bicycles, mountain bikes, road bikes, BMX bikes, commuter bikes, folding bikes, beach cruisers, and various e-bike models. Managing director Mourad Ghazi explains that the factory’s facilities allow for overseeing the entire production process. “We have a frame production hub with a complete phosphating line, a rim production hub, a saddles production and assembling hub, a powder painting hub, and a wheel assembly hub – just to name a few of our services,” he says, adding, “Our ability to oversee every stage of production ensures excellent quality and allows us the flexibility to meet the specific needs of our clients. Whether it’s a small batch of customised bikes or a large-scale production – we can handle it all.”

Production close to Europe

In an era marked by pandemic aftershocks, geopolitical tensions, sustainability concerns and other supply chain interruptions, the company’s strategic position in Tunisia offers a stable base, with significant supply advantages to its customers. This stability is further enhanced by Tunisia’s free trade agreements with the European Union, allowing Euro-Cycles to offer competitive pricing without the burden of tariffs and trade restrictions.

European distributors and manufacturers can visit our facilities easily, which fosters trust and transparency.”

“Our proximity to Europe also facilitates collaboration and communication with clients, enhancing the overall customer experience,” Habib Esseyah says, emphasising that he strongly believes in the importance of being close to his clients: “Tunisia’s geographical location, combined with our robust infrastructure, makes us an ideal partner for European distributors and manufacturers. Clients can visit our facilities easily, which fosters trust and transparency. After all, it takes just two hours to get here from Central Europe.” Additionally, Tunisia has excellent logistical connections to both the UK and European markets, with short delivery times both by sea and by land. These advantages are further enhanced by components or fully assembled stock stored at the factory, ready for immediate shipment, ensuring unparalleled reactivity.

Eurobike 2024 and beyond

Worth mentioning are also the company’s ambitions in the field of sustainability. Over the last few years, Euro-Cycles has integrated environmentally responsible practices into different aspects of its operations. As a result, they were recently awarded a bronze medal by the EcoVadis platform, recognising their efforts in sustainability. “Our goal is to achieve gold status in the EcoVadis system in the near future,” Mourad Ghazi says. “We continually improve our processes to ensure that our production is as eco-friendly as possible. This includes our ongoing efforts to maintain our current investment in producing components such as handlebars, stems, seat posts, and spokes in Tunisia by the first quarter of 2025. It benefits the environment and aligns with the values of our clients and consumers.”

Excellent production conditions near Europe, a state-of-the-art facility, and progress in sustainability – looking ahead, the Sousse-based bicycle manufacturer is poised to expand its reach even further. With a total capacity of over 650,000 bicycles per year, the company is exploring new markets. Their participation in major industry events like Eurobike 2024 (Hall 9 / D.11) underscores their commitment to growth and innovation. Mourad Ghazi’s message to the industry is clear: “If you are looking for a reliable and quality-focused partner for bicycle manufacturing, Euro-Cycles is your ideal choice. With our proven track record and dedicated team, we are confident in our ability to be a trusted quality partner, maximise supply solutions and exceed expectations.”

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